July cover disc 2

  Smiler 18:42 15 May 2004

Well it seems that if we want "trial sofware", "internet toolbox" (Except explorer6) or even "from the magazine" items we are being forced to buy the DVD or resubscribe to the dvd magazine. All we get on the cd is 100000 clipart (I can only find 35091 items) and internet explorer 6 which I can freely download from the net anyway. If I look hard enough I can also get all the clipart I need from the net. but I can't access the items "from the magazine" without the dvd.

Anyone else have any comments?

  johnnyrocker 18:57 15 May 2004



  cycoze 18:57 15 May 2004

Most of the things listed as being on the DVD version are on the CD normally , as the CD has 655mb on it there obviously isnt enough room to add very much else , a quick look at the CD shows that it has a lot of zip files which presumably store the rest of the clipart , the program needs to be installed to access everything , unless of course you want to copy the zips and open them one by one(a bit time consuming as is searching the net for clipart).

  Old Shep 19:03 15 May 2004

I have subscribed to the magazine (or bought it) since issue 3. However as you say it is getting to the stage where you have to buy the DVD issue (more expensive) if you want anything other than basic rubbish. Everything you look at now says dvd edition only, so us cd mortals are left out in the cold. I still enjoy the magazine but weare still being brainwashed.

  Smiler 09:54 16 May 2004

"a quick look at the CD shows that it has a lot of zip files which presumably store the rest of the clipart"

The compressed files you mention contain all of the clipart that is available with this program.
I have installed the program and there are only 35091 clipart file available. I only installed it to try to answer sgwestby's problem click here

In the past if there has been a large number of progs to give a way we have had two cd's. Why not cut down on the programs and give the magazine related items in preference.

I subscribe to the magazine for it's content, not the programs on the cover disc, to me the section from the magazine is an essential part of it. I don't think I should be froced to move to the dvd version to get the complete magazine.
ps not eveyone has a dvd in their computer anyway.

  Smiler 10:07 16 May 2004

froced !!!
Should be forced.
and I haven't had a drink yet.

  pj123 11:20 16 May 2004

I also subscribe to PCA Mag (CD Edition) but must say I have found very little on the CDs of interest, and anyway most of the stuff on them can also be found on the Forum download page. Or even, dare I say it, other magazines download pages. So do we really need cover CDs/DVDs?

  Smiler 19:38 16 May 2004

As far as programs go I don't think we do need cd's but if the magazine editors/producers put sections of the magazine on a disc I think these should be available to all who but the magazine not just those who buy a certain type effectively discrimination.

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