Juggling with Vista and XP

  Diemmess 18:16 14 Oct 2007

A friend (who likes to do things for himself) bought an Asda offer laptop juss-like-that!
Ready loaded with Vista and a recovery partition.

He is, like me happier with XP and accepted my advice only so far as to get himself online with his previous ISP.

I am considering buying a first laptop for myself, and the more attractive names all have Vista pre-installed.

Is it sensible to make a new partition on the HD and install XP ..... or will Vista object?

I have Acronis 10 and PQMagic 8 so could indulge myself moving things around if it has to go that way, but obviously the less fiddling the better.

  Totally-braindead 18:26 14 Oct 2007

I might be wrong here but my opinion is, if you buy a Vista laptop you wouldn't want to install XP on it as you might have problems. The reason I say this is that there might not be XP drivers for the various parts of the laptop and if you install XP you may well find it wouldn't work properly. I'm thinking specifically about the graphics and things like the touchpad.
This is just my opinion and I could be wrong but I do think this may well be more complicated than doing something like this on a desktop.
I believe that Dell for one will still supply XP if you wish though I am unsure if that do it with laptops as well as desktops but its worth a call or an email.
If you do get a Vista laptop as far as I am concerned the main thing is memory. You need lots of memory, buy a cheap laptop with little memory if you wish as long as you can add more to it cheaply enough. Friend just bought one with Vista Home Basic and 512mb and to be honest its rather slow.

  wjrt 18:52 14 Oct 2007

click here
loads more and you could get a novatech laptop with no system and install whatever system you prefer

  Totally-braindead 18:56 14 Oct 2007

Should have thought of Novatech. If considering one of them make sure they supply the driver disk and that there are XP as well as Vista drivers on it. Otherwise you're stuck.

  Diemmess 19:04 14 Oct 2007

Yes, i consider myself a Noavatech fan and have bought by choice from them... but am attracted to John Lewis with their longer warranty.

To simplify my question...

On a suitably partitioned HD is it possible to install XP when Vista is already installed......... or is it like long ago when W98 wouldn't if say 2k was already there?

  Totally-braindead 19:10 14 Oct 2007

From what I have read in the Vista Forum from people who are dual booting, which is what I presume you want to do, yes you can do it BUT make sure there are XP drivers for the laptop before purchase. If there are no XP drivers then there is no way to do it.

Have to point out I haven't done it myself but there appears to be a few who have.

  Totally-braindead 19:13 14 Oct 2007

Sorry just reread your post Diemmess and to be honest I'm unsure. I'll have to leave this for people who have actually done it to answer. There is workarounds (obviously as some have done it) but I think you are right, Vista would refuse to let you install Vista so you must do it another way.

  Totally-braindead 19:14 14 Oct 2007

Second Vista should be XP, sorry hopefully you realised what I meant.

  ian-inhome 19:16 14 Oct 2007

The following page explains how to dualboot.
click here

  VoG II 19:17 14 Oct 2007

Googled click here

I have absolutely no experience of this so the usual health warnings apply!

  tullie 19:24 14 Oct 2007

It can be done,but copy all your drivers elseware first.I have a hidden partition on my drive,which is handy if you ever go back to Vista with recovery disk.I toyed with the idea,and did it,but dident like xp then,so back to vista.To be honest,in my opinion its not worth the trouble.Every thing i have now is becoming Vista compatible.

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