.jpg on DVD player?

  basarg 21:45 24 Jul 2003

Does anyone know if it is possible to put ".jpg" files on a CDROM and play them on a DVD player?

I have lots of old transparencies that I would like to scan on to a CDROM and send to relatives with a DVD player.

  powerless 21:46 24 Jul 2003

Well from my experiences the JPEGS have to converted to MPEG.

  User-312386 21:57 24 Jul 2003

most certainly is

you can use nero express to do this

just start nero express and it will do all the hard work for you, even ask how long for each picture

also it depends on age of Home DVD player

I have a 2 year old player and it works fine on that

  basarg 23:11 27 Jul 2003

Thank you Powerless

Thank you madboy33,
I will try to obtain Nero Express.
I am very new to CD writing (1 month) I got Nero with my Writer. And the two I have copied so far were impressive. Also the backup on a CD/RW
was very easy. So I live in hope.

  User-312386 23:18 27 Jul 2003

if you have nero you will have nero express

  basarg 22:14 11 Oct 2003

Thank you madboy33
As you said select "Write a VCD", select your .jpg files, drag them over and BURN
It Works!

  reddwarfcrew 22:47 11 Oct 2003

for example,

the Toshiba 220 has to have the jpegs converted to a vcd, but the new Toshiba 230 can play jpeg data discs.

  hugh-265156 23:35 11 Oct 2003

click here and find your player,will say if it first of all plays vcd`s also see reports and comments to the left to get opinions from others.might help a bit.

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