jpegs too big?

  simon1003 19:14 29 Jan 2003

Hello everyone,

I bought my first didital camera (Kyocera S3x) at the weekend.

When I download the pics into Microsoft picture-it they are normal size, however when I attach them to an email (using outlook express) they're huge and more than fill the email window.

How do I get these jpegs to attach as a normal size pic?

  roy 19:33 29 Jan 2003

Do you mean that the pictures are physically large? Not that the files are bigger.
My jpeg's are about 600kbs when downloaded from my camera but if I am sending them as email attachments I compress them further (to about a tenth)with Adobe Photodeluxe or, as I am using Win XP I sometimes use that program to do the compressing. Ask further if you want more detail.


  tran1 19:42 29 Jan 2003

You may need to modify and optimize the pictures before you send them. You can do this with a photo/picture editing program.

You say you just bought a digital camera, so you will propbably have some software bundled with it.

If you don't have any, then there are some free programs you can get from click here+

  Patr100 20:54 29 Jan 2003

Use the free Irfanview from click here

But be aware that megapixel images that will be suitable for printing will appear much larger than your screen but if you are only viewing them on a PC then you can use a program to reduce the pixel size to say 640 by 480 to fit on screen.

  Gongoozler 21:14 29 Jan 2003

simon1003, if the pc displaying the picture has "Enable Automatic Image Resizing" ticked, then the picture should be automatically resized to fit the screen. Tools - Internet options - Advanced, then look in the Multimedia group. This works for IE6, I don't know if it applies to earlier versions.

  DieSse 21:21 29 Jan 2003

Many programs automatically zoom out on pictures, so that you can see them all on the screen. The thing to remember is that the avarge user has a screen set to 800x600 pixels wide - so for you pictures to look the correct size in the preview section of an email, it needs to be about 400 pixels wide.

Any digital camera will produce pictures with far more pixels in width than this. You can use almopst any photo software to manipulate the number of pixels in your picture - the common facility is called "Resize". If you choose resize, then set the width of your picture inpixels, to be 300-400 - then send this new version, you will find it just the size you want, in an email.

Send a few to yourslf, afetr different resizing, and you will be able to view them, and make your own judgement about what size to resize them to.

  Bapou 23:15 29 Jan 2003

If you are using Windows XP There is the Image Resizer available in Power Toys,it's free.
click here

  roy 17:29 30 Jan 2003

Hi Simon

Is your problem resolved now? How are you getting on?

  anchor 20:19 30 Jan 2003

You may find this thread useful:

click here

  watchful 20:38 30 Jan 2003

I use Windows XP and download photos through Microsoft Picture-it but use Irfanview to make them smaller when sending as inserts in e-mails.
Also if you highlight the photo from your folder there is an option in File & Folder tasks to 'e-mail this picture' which, if you select it, brings up a window to make your picture smaller and it attaches it to a new e-mail ready to send.

  Bagsey 22:35 30 Jan 2003

To send by email if your are using XP

Right click photo. send to, mail recipient.
This compresses photo to a reasonable email size.

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