JPEG question

  hiwatt 12:00 22 Apr 2009

Hi folks.I have a jpeg image that I would like to have developed into a large photograph.I burned the image to cd and took it to the store to have it done.The girl there said it would not let her develop it at a large size only a small size.Can anyone tell me how to burn the image so it can be developed into various sizes?Thanks.

  jack 12:33 22 Apr 2009

Facility available instore - IE the machine can only cope in all probability with 6x4 or 7x5.

Try one of the online printers such as

click here

or www

click here com on line or take it to a store

  jack 12:37 22 Apr 2009
  eedcam 12:49 22 Apr 2009

They might well all tell you the same thing .What is the size of the image I dont mean just inches but ?x?inches and its Resolution Pixels per inch

  Technotiger 14:06 22 Apr 2009

Also depends on the image pixel's when taken. The more Pixels and larger the image can be printed. A picture taken at say 640x480 pixels will be quite small, whereas a 8 Megapixel - the skies the limit, well almost!!

  Graphicool1 14:22 22 Apr 2009

This is what you want and it's free. I use it all the time. click here

  anchor 17:00 22 Apr 2009

I cannot comment on what the store told you, but would say that if you wish to get good results on a large print you will need a pretty high megapixel camera.

You can increase resolution using a photo programme, like Paint shop pro or Photoshop, but you cannot put in detail that is not there. It just makes a guess, putting in extra pixels based on nearby ones. This called Interpolation.

Have a read of these:

click here

click here

  jack 17:18 22 Apr 2009

photobox and indicate the size you want - the system will tell you what is feasible or not.

When doing general picture sending I use 'shrink pc
which reduces them for e-mail attachments.
When I want good quality print I turn off shrink pic.

However on one occasion I uploaded a picture and for got to do so.
I had ordered a A4 picture and sent a 600x800 pixel
The result was truly amazing.
Try it and forget the technology.

  hiwatt 17:18 22 Apr 2009

I didn't take the image.It was taken by someone else and emailed to me.When I right click and choose properties it shows the dimensions as being 768 x 1024?The stores machine could do larger prints but it wasn't working with my saved image for some reason?

  eedcam 18:57 22 Apr 2009

Hiwatt in that case and assuming its the std 72 PPi printed at that res could give you a 10.6 x 14.2 print but usually prints are made at 300 which would only be ap 3and 1/2 x 2and 1/2 not saying you could'nt get away with the original size but larger ?
Jack your image already was 8.3 x 11.1' so they never enlarged it just printed as it was
key factor being you were happy with it

  Pineman100 19:12 22 Apr 2009

The way that you burned the CD is not the issue.

An image 768 x 1024 gives a file size of only about 3/4 of a MB. As eedcam says, at 300 dpi (ie: a decent print resolution) that's a small picture.

You might get a 6in x 4in print, or even a 7in x 5in, that you find just about acceptable, but you're into subjective territory. Stretching a small file like that might be acceptable to one person but not to another.

You need to tell your friend that, if he/she wants large prints of his/her images, the digital camera should be set to shoot at much higher resolution. Preferably the maximum that the chip can offer. They may need a larger memory card though, to avoid running out of storage.

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