Jpeg Images in Word

  pekingzibaduck 21:43 12 Sep 2006

I have copied & pasted about 20 jpeg images of average size 100kb into a word document of aprox 1000 words. The document is now showing as 85mb. Why is the file that big? How can i get it small enough to email?


  toxin 22:00 12 Sep 2006

Hi pekingzibaduck,

No idea why the file is so big; but is it any help if you send the text of the doc as an email with just references to the photo (ie; photo A,B,C etc)where the actual photo is positioned and then rename the jpg files to correspond and then add these as attachments?

Should reduce the file size.

Hope this helps, Toxin.

  terryf 22:01 12 Sep 2006

Click on some images holding down the ctrl key then Right click and choose send to from the menu, you will be asked if you want to send smaller images, say yes, this will open a new email with the pics attached. put in the recipeient name and a heading and send. If you try to send more than (I think) 1 Meg then some ISP won't allow receiver to get mesage. Alternatively look at click here

  terryf 22:02 12 Sep 2006

Sorry about the spelling, trying to do 2 things at once and as is well known only ladies can do that :-)

  pekingzibaduck 07:42 13 Sep 2006

Thanks for advice. But still got problem.
The images are cartoon style characters inserted in a letter between the text. I have been importing them into the word doc and then editing them to fit and to blend with the background. Experimenting with one image I have just discovered that if I import and save without editing the file stays at 186kb. If I then edit the image in word and save, the file goes up to 2MB!!!!

Any suggestions on what to do?

I would prefer to edit after importing so that I can adjust the text around the image.

Or if Im sending by email is it better to set up the whole document in Outlook rather than word?

Thanks Paul

  Gongoozler 07:56 13 Sep 2006

I'm probably completely wrong here, but I think a picture imbedded into a Word document takes the form of a bitmap, which would be much larger than the original jpg. Your solution would be to send the pictures separately.

  Gongoozler 08:02 13 Sep 2006

I've got it! If you copy and paste the images into Word, the result is a big file. If you import a picture into the document it keeps it's original size click here.

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