JPEG images not getting through as file attach!!

  gazmix 23:55 30 Jan 2007

I sent jpeg images to my friends hotmail account & they haven't got through, just the text that i sent.

They were sent via my Outlook Express as file attachments & i can't understand why, as when i send them from my OE to my hotmail, they get through ok.

My friend is in Spain, could this be an issue as it maybe different hotmail!!, i dunnno.I sent it many times to hers & no luck, but to my hotmail is ok!


  terryf 01:07 31 Jan 2007

It may be due to the size of them, hold down ctrl and left click on the files, let go of ctrl and right click on 1 and choose send to email recipient, you will be asked if you want to make smaller, an outlook express message window will open. For the future, if you click on an empty part of the desktop and press F1 then type email pictures in the search box the genie will come out of the lamp, try it and see

  Wak 08:58 31 Jan 2007

Hi, Until you get your problem sorted out you can always send files, pictures, etc. by click here
It's FREE and you don't even have to register.

  gazmix 11:32 31 Jan 2007

Myabe it is that. I have a load of storage space in my hotmail.
My friend in Spain says she has little storage & gave me an alternative address.
I've sent it to that!
I'll try the link. Does this tell me as to wether the jpegs are too big to send?
One of them is quite big onscreen, but the other is just about the size of the middle of the screen.

  gazmix 11:56 31 Jan 2007

When i go to 'my documents' & i get all my pictures up. I left click on a pic & the bar to the left asks me if i want to email it & other options.
I click email & it asks me if i want to decrease or keep original size!
Is that what you mean?
Do you mean click on the pic in my documents with the ctrl thing! & when you say click on 1, do you mean the number on the keyboard or 1 of the jpeg pics!

  Wak 13:35 31 Jan 2007

Hi Gazmix, the link I gave will accept any file up to 100MB and will store it for 1 month.
They also send an e-mail to the intended recipient with instructions on how to download the file.
Try it out by sending a file to yourself!

  gazmix 13:56 31 Jan 2007

Will do Wak & thanks
Just wondering if what i said about Terryf said was right, i need to be able to send straight from Outlook.

  €dstowe 14:53 31 Jan 2007

I've successfully used Upload.Sc (the link given by WAK) to sending large business files to companies who have size limits in their email inbox. These limits are very common in the USA to prevent downloads of "unsuitable material".

  gazmix 19:52 31 Jan 2007

but i would like to use Outlook to send my pics. Is what i did, the same as what Terryf said?
decreasing the size of the jpeg image. Although the recipient said she hadn't much space in her inbox, maybe that was it!
What about what Terryf said, i tryed to do the ctrl & left click on the pic! & nothing happened! aaarghh

  terryf 02:09 01 Feb 2007

Sorry, In Win Explorer, you ctrl and left click if you want to select more than one file which can be pics or any other sort of file. For example if you wanted to move a number of files to a new folder that you had created or if you had downloaded a number of photos and wanted to sort them into folders by subject. When you select a file on my pc the title of the file reverses colour. So after you have selected the file(s), right click on any one of them, hold down the right mouse key and drag to a new folder OR right click and choose 'send to mail recipient' from the menu, a new window opens asking if you want to make them smaller, click in the 'make smaller button then ok, an email window will open. Hope this clarifies.

  terryf 11:06 01 Feb 2007

'When you select a file on my pc' should have read 'When you select a file on my own pc'

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