JPEG files from my mobile can't be used

  tolly2 15:03 02 Jun 2009

My phone is a Samsung Pixon M8800

Photographs taken with it can be transferred ok by usb or bluetooth onto the laptop.

When I try and use a photo - edit it or upload to Facebook etc - I can't save or upload.

The photos are stored on my phone as .jpg and are the same file extension when they arrive on the laptop.

Any ideas folks??

  ened 15:06 02 Jun 2009

Open them in your Image editor and 'save' them again as jpegs.

  tolly2 15:16 02 Jun 2009

I can save them with the same file name, but if I want to edit them and save a copy with a different file name, I can't.

The one that I saved (with the same file name) can be uploaded to Facebook

  Seth Haniel 15:19 02 Jun 2009

right click - and make sure they are not 'write protected'

  tolly2 16:03 02 Jun 2009

READ ONLY is not ticked

  ened 16:07 02 Jun 2009

It seems the problem is solved, but regarding your not being able to change the name: surely if you use the 'save as' from the 'file' menu you can then call it what you like, including changing the extension to what ever the particular programme will allow.

  T I M B O 16:12 02 Jun 2009

Depending on the software, u could open the .jpg and then "save for web"

  tolly2 16:17 02 Jun 2009

The problem is not solved because I still can't open one of the photos, edit it, and then save the result.

It doesn't matter if I use "save as" or "Export" and it doesn't matter what name I give the file.

Photographs from my camera and those downloaded from the web can be used with no problems.

  ened 16:21 02 Jun 2009

What photo-editor are you using?

I thought the problem was splved because of your last comment at 15:16!

  tolly2 16:34 02 Jun 2009

Im using MS Office Picture Manager

The comment at 15:16 was to say that the transferred photograph(un-edited)that I saved again as a jpeg was able to be uploaded to Facebook

Thanks for helping so far!

  tolly2 16:39 02 Jun 2009

Just tried a photo transferred by bluetooth from my old SE K850. Was able to open with MSO Picture manager, edit and export the result with no problems.


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