jpeg file size

  Nessie 16:38 05 Feb 2003

I have scanned a page that I want to put on my web site into my pc. After scanning it it's size is 292kb. I then go and save it as jpeg. It's size is then 492kb. I do not understand it as I have done this before and usually the size gets much smaller. When looking at the jpeg file it is associated with quick time. I dont know if this has any affect on it or not. Any help would be great. As far as I can remember I have not made any system changes.

  anchor 17:00 05 Feb 2003

It may well be that the programme you are using is saving it with a lower compression. 492kb is far to large for the web.

What programme are you using?. Even the free Irfanview gives you an option of the level of compression. You should also consider resizing your picture.

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Jpg`s should not be associated with Quick Time, your graphic programme should be the default for this type of file. If you don`t know how to change this, post again.

  MalcSP 17:10 05 Feb 2003

with Anchor. Use the excellent (and free) Irfanview. I assume that is the site he has given you. However, people in my organisation (it's a design company) send files of 500KB frequently over the net without problems. That is as long as they don't send more than two of that size at a time. Don't scold me for that I berate them already to get the sizes down to that. One complained bitterly that she couldn't send a 187MB file!

  Pesala 19:52 05 Feb 2003

I posted some details about JPG file sizes on a previous thread. Photos can be compressed quite tightly without losing too much quality.

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  Nessie 23:09 05 Feb 2003

All sorted now. Thanks alot.

  anchor 09:06 06 Feb 2003


Of course large file sizes can be sent, or placed on web sites, without problem. BUT, think of those unfortunate people without Broadband.

On a web page, one picture of 500k could take at least 2 minutes to load. I have a web site devoted to pictures, and quality is a balance between picture dimensions and compression, to end up with an acceptable size.

Nessie: Glad your problem is resolved.

  MalcSP 20:17 06 Feb 2003

I do agree but this is not people who have Broadband, they are in China and India and need to have the designs in as much detail as can be receivedfor manufacture.

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