JPEG, EXIF and all that jazz

  naggis 10:01 27 Feb 2007

I understand that jpg images when taken by a digital camera (mine is a Nikon 3100) have additional data attached - EXIF.
If the image is edited by Photoshop (for example) the EXIF is lost or modified.
The result is that you cannot load the image back onto the camera and view it there - which would be good for me.
I have tried a couple of EXIF editing progs - Opanda Powerexif and Exifpilot. They both show exif information on a edited jpg and I can't really see what is the problem
One possible area is the "Software" which indicates that the edited image is now Photoshop and not Nikon.
But neither program allows me to modify this.
Can anyone throw any further light on this situation please?

  scotty 12:39 27 Feb 2007

The fact that your photos start out as being recognised as Nikon and are recognised as Photoshop after editing suggests that the file type is being changed (indicated by a change in the three letters after the . in the file name). I would guess that the camera saves the files as JPG but that Photoshop changes the file format to its own proprietary format. Check to see if you have any options in the save as menu after you edit a photo. It will probably be possible to save as a JPG with the original EXIF data retained.

I do not know how much you edit photos but you might consider a free program such as Irfanview which provides basic editing facilities and definitely allows saving as JPG with the original EXIF data.

  silverous 13:09 27 Feb 2007

In photoshop are you doing "Save for web"? That will lose EXIF.

  silverous 13:12 27 Feb 2007

See also:

click here

I have used various tools in the past (forget which) to copy EXIF data back from originals over edited Photoshop jpegs.

  naggis 14:33 27 Feb 2007

I am saving normally - "save as".
The problem is that I have images for which the original has gone - so I can't save the exif and copy it back.
The link you suggest seems to indicate that the "software" data is the only area where a change is made by Photoshop. Maybe if I can find an exif editor to change this.

  silverous 16:41 27 Feb 2007

Yes, I wish I could remember the program I used.

Ah...found it:

click here

You might be able to copy the relevant bits or at least compare the EXIFs of the images you want to 'fix' with some that are ok (originals from the camera) to see what needs doing.

  naggis 20:03 27 Feb 2007

Thanks for the link. I will give it a try.
There seems to be some investigation still to be done in order to sort the matter.

  eedcam 22:39 27 Feb 2007

Why dont you when importing the original into P/shop duplicate it which you should be doing with any image you intend to edit anyway then just close the original. If prompted to save any changes choose no. That way you always retain the original.As for saving in jpeg that is a lossy format

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