JPEG anomaly

  nickhick 15:53 10 Dec 2003

When I have recently download some JPEG images onto my computer and then right-clicked on them and then 'open with' my Photo Editing Software, Arcsoft's PhotoStudio 2000, (rather than with 'Windows Fax and Image viewer'), the software opens and then a window comes up and says, 'Format Invalid or not supported'. If, however, I do the same with JPEG images already on my computer, that have been obtained using my digital camera or previously downloaded form the web etc. they will open quite readily without this error message.
Any thoughts on this anomaly. My OS system is, as you've probably guessed, Win XP Home edition.

  Diodorus Siculus 16:00 10 Dec 2003

Maybe they are not jpegs or maybe they have been corrupted during download.

Do you have Irfanview - it will open most image files and if one has been wrongly named, will rename it for you.

Where did you download them from? Someone else may be able to try a download.

  nickhick 16:56 10 Dec 2003

Their file identification says that they're JPEG's and have the same icon as my other ones. I wonder whether my software has become corrupted.
If I view them with my 'Window Fax and Image viewer' and then save them again, then I can usually open them with said software (I think, I my memory serves me correctly)
I downloaded them from click here

  canard 17:02 10 Dec 2003

click here Irfanview will open almost any graphic file, is free and the most can't live without prog I know. Try it, and when you open your pics on the taskbar under image you'll find information. This tells you ALL about your pics. Then if the format is inconvenient you can save your pic in whatever format suits you.

  Zvuqniki 17:24 10 Dec 2003

Most programs don't open JPEG photos, but there is an Import funcion. Try that :)

  hssutton 17:40 10 Dec 2003

As these are recent images, could they be Jpeg 2000, or more probable as Diodorus Siculus says they could be corrupted

  nickhick 19:00 10 Dec 2003

I'll bear in mind all that you have suggested and will give IRFAN a try. Thanks once again

  Pesala 19:33 10 Dec 2003

Some programs may open *.JPG files but not *.JPEG files. Check that the files you’re downloading do not have a *.JPEG extension.

Irfan View is great. Opens nearly all graphic formats known to mankind. click here

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