natc 14:51 27 Nov 2007


Im not very good with computers, wish i was....this may seem so easy to someone else, but how do i convert a word doc to a jpeg file? Ive created a simple logo that i want to use but system will only accept these files : -.jpg, .jpeg, .gif, .bmp, and .png.

Is there a special program i need? or can i convert doc to one of these files?

Please help.......


  Eric10 15:18 27 Nov 2007

You can't save a Word document as an image file such as jpg, gif, bmp, etc.
You could print the document and scan it in as a picture or you could just open the document and capture the area of the logo using a free screen capture program such as MWSnap click here.

  hssutton 15:46 27 Nov 2007

Simple way, Hit "Print Screen" button, then paste into such as "Paint" or any image editing program, crop and "Save As" Jpg

  DieSse 15:52 27 Nov 2007

MWSnap is the thing to use, as Eric10 says. With it you can cut out just the logo, rather than the whole page and have to crop it separately.

  Arnie 17:25 27 Nov 2007

Saving the whole page and cropping a fraction of it to save a logo or icon is not the answer.

As an example; if one wished to capture the Recycle Bin icon from a full screen size capture, the ratio between the two captures would be very significant.
Cropping the icon and increasing its size to a reasonable level, would show a heavily pixillated result.
Using a dedicated program as suggested by Eric10 would produce a nicely enlarged clear image.

A reasonable analogy is: Taking a picture of a car 50 metres away, saving it into an image editor and then enlarging and cropping the image of the car.

Using the camera’s built-in optical zoom and then taking a picture of the car, would achieve far more acceptable size for size results.

  Graham. 17:44 27 Nov 2007

I assume this logo is made with letters? Try making it with Paint. Click on A to make a text box.

  Graham. 17:49 27 Nov 2007

Like this click here

  natc 18:11 27 Nov 2007

Thanks for all the advise folks, ive tried with the MWsnap but I think that using paint is easiest for me, cant believe i dint use that in the first place! Havent used it since junior school tho, so actually forgot all about it!

  anchor 14:01 28 Nov 2007

For screen grabbing I use Snagit, and save as an image. Unlike "print screen" you can select the actual area you wish to copy.

You can copy this into any photo programme, and save as a jpg.

A free, (not trial), older version of Snagit is available here:

click here

  anchor 14:05 28 Nov 2007

I should have said:

You can paste this into any photo programme.

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