Joining documents in MS Word 2000

  myfoot 23:31 18 Nov 2007

Been googling this and the only results I get are for software e.g. "MS Word Join, from brotheresoft" that does the job. From a computer course I did 4 years ago I have vague memories that it is possible without great difficulty within Word itself.

Anybody able to confirm this?

Also can anybody recommend a site with good tutorials for MS Word/Publisher as I would like to produce a something in booklet format using A4 paper, if possible and an ol Laser Printer.

  Forum Editor 23:45 18 Nov 2007

and I'm not aware of the possibility of document joing within Word. There's an excellent little tool that will do it though, and it's free:

click here

  GroupFC 07:10 19 Nov 2007

I am not sure if this will help but you could try insert>file, Locate the file you want to include and see if that does the job!

  Simsy 07:14 19 Nov 2007

joining 2 Word documents, you can do this by going to the end of the first one, then go to the "Insert" menu and inserting a page break, then go to the "Insert" menu again and Insert>File... Navigate to and choose the other Word document.

I'm currently at work, where we have the 2003 version, but I have the 2000 version at home and I'm sure it's the same.

Does that help?



  myfoot 19:24 19 Nov 2007

Thanks all. "Insert File" apears to have given me the reult I was looking for. I didn't use "Insert Page break" as part of the reason was just to print it without all the empty half-pages that came at the end of each 2 and 3 page document.

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