Bonzy 16:09 21 Jun 2005

Hello Good friends, your help here would be most appreciated. I need to join a large corporate network using a laptop running WinXP Pro in order to work on a file which resides on one of the servers. There's already an RJ45 point in the office. How do I join the network? Can I just link the laptop and the RJ45 point with a CAT5E flylead, switch on the laptop and hope plug and play will do the rest for me? What I'll need in addition is email and internet access after successfully joining this corporate network. What's the procedure? Please help. Thanx in advance.

  briggzy 19:39 21 Jun 2005

Depends on the structure of the network, if you need to join your pc to a domain then you will need the help and authorization of whoever is responsible for I.T support on site.

  Bonzy 09:32 22 Jun 2005

Yes I need to join a domain, but after authorization is given, what manner of help in detail is the IT support manager going to have to give me? Thanx in advance.

  briggzy 20:00 22 Jun 2005

You will need an acount setting up in active directory and permissions to access the files you need on the network, if the company uses an exchange server and you intend to use it then you will also need the name of the exchange server.
Attch a cat5 cable from your laptop to a working wall socket and boot the laptop, if the network card has the default settings then your laptop should recieve ip details from the dhcp server.

Right click the my computer icon and select properties (or using the classic view in control panel double click the system icon ) click the computer name tab and then change, click the radio button marked domain and put the domain name in the box, click ok and a password/username box should appear enter the domain administrator username and password here and wait for the message welcoming you to the domain, click ok out of everything and reboot the pc, log back in using the username and passord provided for you (not the admin one ) ensure that the domain is selected in the log on to box which is under the username and password fields, you are now on the domain, you will have a new profile ie your original desktop and documents etc will not be there (they reside in your original user folder under c:\documents and settings\username).
if using exchange then fire up outlook entering the exchange server name and your username when asked for, internet access depends on how the internet is accessed from the domain, your account may need to be a member of the internet users group in active directory, ask the I.T manager about this, you will not have administrative rights on your pc while using this account.

  Bonzy 10:47 25 Jun 2005

Thanx, briggzy. I'll have a go straight away and see what happens.

  TomJerry 10:54 25 Jun 2005

most companies are very strict about link personal equipment with network

speak with IT guy in case you land yourself in big trouble

  Bonzy 11:49 25 Jun 2005

Thanx. I'll do that.

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