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  aitch2 18:41 05 Jan 2011

Posted by mistake in Speakers Corner, sorry. Johnny Walker did the 'Kinks' interview a few days back. I wanted to record it from BBC's iPlayer but was unsuccessful. I then tried using 'Audacity' and whilst this appeared to do the job, on playback it is all garbled. What's the best way to achieve a successful recording of such programmes?

  eedcam 19:52 05 Jan 2011

Hi I just tried it with audacity and it plays back fine you did.nt have theinput levels up to high perchance

  aitch2 20:25 05 Jan 2011

Thanks fo the reply. I'm using the laptop (no audacity)at the moment and I can't remember what input levels I set it at, but out of curiosity what levels were you using? I'l be able to have another go hopefully tomorrow.

  eedcam 20:39 05 Jan 2011

You have to look at the graph as its playing make sure the peaks are not too high and hitting the top of the chart .

  woodchip 20:55 05 Jan 2011

Normal for a good Recording they should be set to Half Way

  aitch2 10:35 07 Jan 2011

Thanks for the advice. However, problems still exist in that having reduced the input level to various settings during recording, but still the playback is garbled and nonsensical. Will un-install and re-install Audacity and try again!

  eedcam 14:57 07 Jan 2011

Have you ever made a good recording wioth audacity if so have you changed anything /Also you do have it set on Stereo mix for theinput?

  aitch2 16:13 07 Jan 2011

Haven't used Audacity that much, but have made a good recording some time ago which I was happy with. Not aware of changing any settings since then. Have the mix set on 'stereo'but still no joy.

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