Tranestation 16:23 13 Jan 2005

Problem just occured.JLMS XJ-HD 166S installed in HP Pavilion P.C. refuses to recognise disks.What is the correct way to go about checking the obvious likely reasons (if there are any!)and what is Firmware.Other DVD Writer is O.K.Any help most appreciated. Regards Steve.

  Gongoozler 16:34 13 Jan 2005

Hi Tranestation. Have you checked the obvious. Is the new drive set as slave to the older one, and is it recognised in BIOS?

  Tranestation 16:47 13 Jan 2005

Sorry G.The dvd rom is not new,it was factory installed,and worked this morning and now it does'nt.The P.C.was purchased from new about a year ago and seemed to run up to speed o.k. and there were no unusual noises.Do they just give and die, or are they serviceable.It is under warranty but I wanted to make sure that there was'nt anything simple to check i.e.drivers etc. before I went down that route.Device manager says it's O.K. but then it always does. Regards Steve

  Chezdez 16:51 13 Jan 2005

is there a possibilty that someone has put a really really scratched or cracked disc in the drive? last time i saw this happen was when my mate shoved a really scratched disk in his drive, and it packed up straight away.

  Gongoozler 16:57 13 Jan 2005

Hi Steve. Yes it's not unusual for optical drives to suddenly die. The lasers work quite hard and can suddenly fail. When this happens they just stop reading the disk. The cost of these drives is so low now (under £50) that it's not economical to repair them.

You other question "what is Firmware". Firmware is halfway between software and hardware. You computer BIOS is in firmare. It's programmed onto a chip, but then stays there even when power is removed until a specific condition (a higher voltage applied) that enables the programming to be changed. CD and DVD drives use firmare that can be changed in the same way as BIOS can be flashed.

  Tranestation 17:00 13 Jan 2005

Chez.No is the answer to your question, but what did your mate do about his knackered drive (if thats not a rude question!).Regards Steve

  Tranestation 17:08 13 Jan 2005

G. Thanks for your reply.I take it from your answer that there does not seem to be an easy way to check if there is anything wrong.If the lasers had packed up would the device manager detect that? Regards Steve.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:35 13 Jan 2005

DEvice manage just reads that a drive is located on the IDE cable and drivers are installed not that its is working.

If no problems in device manage. Try cleanning the drive with a lens cleaner and make sure the CD is clean.

However as stated earlier once the laser goes it cheaper to ren the drive that try and repair it.

  Tranestation 18:04 13 Jan 2005

Dear Fruit.Thanks for your reply.The only problem when I put the lens cleaner in is that the drive spins and then stops so the lens never gets cleaned.The computer management System says there is a bad block and there seems to be no knowledge based stuff for this kind of problem. That's hard to believe as there seems to be lots of folks with no read drives. Any other thoughts welcome.Any one else solved this problem? Regards Steve

  Chezdez 18:11 13 Jan 2005

he's just gonna have to replace it! like Gongoozler said, the drives are so cheap nowadays that it isn't ecnomical to repair them.

  The Sack 19:41 13 Jan 2005

Blimey i am glad i dont shop where you do, the 166s is about 16 quid.

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