jeunesse 17:12 14 Jan 2004

I have been attempting to install aol broadband with no success !!!!!One green light is showing on the modem but the dsl light flashes on and of and will not connect,The computer is upstairs and connected to the incoming phone line by extension lead ,this has never proved to be a problem until trying broadband,all the relevant filters are in place.AOL insist that it is a problem with the extension lead and suggest a dsl extension??? Unfortunately Bt tell me there is no such thing and they would only install what I have anyway !!! I s there a different phone extension wire I need to use?? as I seem to be hitting my head against an ever increasing harder wall

  Pesala 17:22 14 Jan 2004

Welcome to the forum. You must be new, as you haven't noticed the title saying "Please ensure that your thread title accurately describes your subject" - never mind I expect someone will help anyway.

I don't know what the problem is. The obvious thing to try is to connect the PC downstairs first to confirm if the problem does lie with the extension lead.

Perhaps someone else will know the reason.

  PUNKA 17:36 14 Jan 2004

Hi I have been running AOL BB for almost a year now with little or no probs I had problems when 1st installing bb due to the fact that I WAS USING AN EXTENSION LEAD but that is in the past and since installing bb have recently moved my comp to another room and used an extension lead to complete the transition. Can you move just the comp and the tower or (desktop) to another room or nearer the phone point whichever and then try to connect if successful thats the prob if not comeback. p.s. you do know that AOL helpline is FREE so you can badger them as much as possible but be aware that during the a.m. you contact Ireland BUT P.M. it is India, and without appearing too Homophobic I do have some difficulty understanding some of their technical jargon. LOL.

  PUNKA 17:41 14 Jan 2004

If you are looking for a hi speed modem extension by the way £3.00 on ebay. but do not know of anyone that needed one??

  dewskit 17:43 14 Jan 2004

I use BT ADSL and have an extension lead in use without problems - just a thought, I have the extension lead in line before the ADSL filter, do not know if this is a factor, but may just be worth a try?

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