Jerky scrolling when moving page up or down

  Barnacarry 17:03 12 May 2007

I have recently reinstalled XP but each time I use the scroll wheel on my mouse, in any application, horizontal lines come down the screen and the page goes up in a wobbly fashion. The arrow pointer also becomes jerky. I have defragged and also used WinSpeedup without success. Advice would be nice.

  rdave13 17:05 12 May 2007

You must reload your graphics driver.

  Stuartli 17:08 12 May 2007

From Control Panel>Mouse>Hardware tab>Advanced Settings>alter the settings as required.

  Barnacarry 17:13 12 May 2007

I have only just built this base unit and it does have a disk for the motherboard but as everything seemed to be working ok I didn't bother to put in. I'll do that now and let you know. Thanks Rdave13.

  wee eddie 17:33 12 May 2007

is usually a "shortfall of" Memory/Graphics problem.

  Barnacarry 17:37 12 May 2007

I've just gone from a Fiat Panda to a Ferrari and I now have sound, which I had forgooten about. What a plonker I am. Many thanks again Rdave13 and, Stuartli, I'm just about to dive into the control Panel. Cheers.

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