Jerky PC, Sound, Mouse...everything!

  Skeletor 13:37 08 May 2005

I have an intermittent fault, which probably occurs about once a week. After a minute or two of booting up everything becomes jerky...sound, video, mouse etc. If I restart the PC everything is OK.

I don't have time at the moment to try trial and error stuff (family staying). If anybody else has had a similar problem and knows a solution I would be grateful.



Win XP Home, Pent4 2.66GHz, 80GB HDD

  pj123 14:48 08 May 2005

Trial and error may be the only way. Could be almost anything. House power fluctuation, CPU overheating, cooling fans not running at correct speed, memory needs reseating, something running in the background? Anti Virus checker, spyware checker, Norton?? etc...

  pj123 14:54 08 May 2005

Should add, "intermittent" being the operative word. I remember when I was on 24 hour call out to "car" problems. Someone's car won't start. Out I go, get in, turn the key and it starts!

Then got told it is "intermittent". Well unless it doesn't start when I get there it is difficult to find the fault.

  woodchip 14:56 08 May 2005

Hardware using same files

  Skeletor 16:32 08 May 2005

Thanks pj123 and woodchip,

I know it could be anything, I was hoping someone else had resolved an identical problem.

I should add that the "jerkiness" happens at exactly one second intervals, in other words it will jerk 60 times a minute, hope that's a clue. As I said, if I restart the PC everything will be fine for several days, I'm not sure if that would rule out some of the things you mention.



  pj123 17:22 08 May 2005

The problem is if it is intermittent it can't be identical. I think you are going to have to go down the Trial and Error route. Make a note of what, when and where it happens. Check it over (say) two or three months. Do you get any error messages. Do you have to do a restart? etc.

I get an intermittent error on boot up saying Spool 32 error. Now I know that is my Epson Status Monitor. I have uninstalled and reinstalled it. I have also updated it to the latest version but it still happens very occasionally. All I have to do is shutdown and reboot and everything is OK.

  Skeletor 17:36 08 May 2005

Thanks again pj13,

There really doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason to the problem. Sometimes it's there immediately after boot up, sometimes after an hour. There are no error messages. The only way to fix it is to restart, which seems to work every time, but that is a real pain in the ****.



  Indigo 1 18:00 08 May 2005

How long has it been happening ?

Do you remember a time before it started ?

What have you added to your system in the meantime Progs, Apps, hardware etc ?

Can you find a restore point from before it first started ?

Have you tried to restore ?

Does it happen before you go online ? While online ? when opening or closing apps ?

The best way is to 'backtrack' to see if you can narrow it down.

There are a lot of possible causes for this problem and it could be something like a Virus too.

  pj123 18:04 08 May 2005

Yes I can understand that. Whenever I get the Spool 32 error everything works except I can't print, it also takes at least twice as long to shutdown as normal. I eventually get a window that says Epson Status Monitor isn't working. The options are OK, Cancel, Shutdown.

The easy way out is to Shutdown and reboot. It then always works OK.

  Skeletor 21:45 08 May 2005

Thanks Indigo 1,

I did a complete reformat and reinstallation (including XP SP2)about four months ago, which, if memory serves, was about the time the problem started. Unfortunately system restore doesn't go back that far. The only thing that I can think of is XP SP2, but am a bit reluctant to uninstall, as I think maybe that could open up a whole new can of worms, and even then not solve the problem.

It has happened sometimes when on line, and at other times immediately after boot up, before I have a chance to do anything.

I have a feeling it will remain one of lifes great unanswered questions :-( ...Well, at least until I have a bit more spare time to answer it ;-)



  Indigo 1 23:06 09 May 2005

When you have a bit more time you should post again but you will need to have some patience as this type of problem could be caused by hardware or software and it will take a certain amount of uninstalling apps and hardware and maybe even temporarily substituting with known good components.

It would be worthwhile trying to uninstall SP2 for a start, the safest way is to make a complete disc image (preferably on another Hard Drive) so that you can revert back if you do open that can of worms.

Also worth taking the cover off (power off first) and try removing the RAM and re-seating, make sure the CPU is seated properly too, for this you will need to remove the heatsink so you will need some thermal compound. Another one to check is the Graphics card and while you are at it any PCI cards, if you still have the problem after all that, try uninstalling the Modem in Windows Device Manager and leave it disabled for a while to see if the problem is still there.

If it is then you should try uninstalling your Firewall, Anti-Virus, Anti Spyware and any download managers and any thing else that is unneccesary for simple offline stuff and see if you can track it down that way but don't forget to re-install them before you enable the modem again.

You don't mention which A-V or Firewall you are using or which Anti spyware apps you have, don't forget you should only have one Firewall running at a time and only one A-V but you can have as many Anti Spyware apps as you feel neccesary.

Here are a few videos that might help with the hardware checks click here#_

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