Jerky movements when playing DVDs on my pc!!

  mikemike2004 08:45 01 Aug 2006

Help please! I've been trying to play DVDs on my pc but the movies jerk(both picture and sound).

I only bought my PC in April and it's Compaq Presario 061. Specs:

- AMD Anthlon 64 3700+
-1024 mb DDR
-256 nvidia Geforce SE Turbocache
-LG 1717S monitor 17"

I have downloaded the Klite codec pack full version but nothing happened.

Additionoal question-- when I bought the PC and started using it on the first day, I discovered the temperature of the graphic card is already on 72"c!! I mean surely it shouldn't be that high. I took the modem card away(it was directly underneath the graphic card) and tthe temp of the graphic card was 62"c instead! However, I still think it's way high..advices please!?

  johndrew 17:24 01 Aug 2006

I`ve no answer for the first part of your post, but I run 2x GeForce 6600 GT PCI-E cards and was concerned about temperature. When I contacted NVidia they responded:

"The NVIDIA GPU has been tested up to 145C so the 51 and 56 degree C temperatures are well within operating range."

Whether exactly the same is true of your GPU I can`t be certain but it does show they run extremely hot.

On the first part, have you anything else running which may be taking up resource needed by the movie?

  mikemike2004 17:28 01 Aug 2006

It's definitely not resource problem because I've tried restarting the window and closing all applications before running and same happens.

It's definitely NOT codec problem neither because I've checked the movie files on the DVDs using GSpot and it shows all the required codecs are already installed.

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