Jerky Internet videos / DVD playing / Mouse cursor

  tiredboy 20:03 12 Aug 2011

I have Dell Inspiron 1720 Laptop with windows vista OS.

Yesterday we started having a problem.....we often watch videos on You tube and also on iPlayer. The sound/picture is semi-freezing continually every couple of seconds. Also. as you move the mouse cursor across the screen it will move smoothly then it will freeze and reappear a cm away from where it froze. The DVD's wont play properly either. They too are doing the same thing mentioned before every couple of seconds. When the circle spins round to let you know the computer is working it will spin properly at the normal speed and every couple of seconds it will freeze.

Its as if the computer has got scans running or having to do loads at the same time when in actual fact nothing seems to be running. It even does this as soon as i restart the computer. I have tried doing a system restore and it has made no difference. Any suggestions?

  dave_1967 20:11 12 Aug 2011

First of all download malarebytes>> click the blue download on right. instal and run a full scan.... to rule out malware.

  dave_1967 20:17 12 Aug 2011

Have you instaled any new software or drivers latley???

  tiredboy 20:23 12 Aug 2011

Just installing now so i can run a scan.

No drivers or software installed lately

  tiredboy 20:34 12 Aug 2011

40,000 items scanned in 5 minutes so it will take a while i think

  T I M B O 20:37 12 Aug 2011

Many of those will be .txt's ie, cookies.

Malwarebytes is a great scan and will delete most nasties. It might be an idea that when the scan has finished, keep a copy of the result and show it to dave. There maybe some items that are in the system restor and they need more attention to delete.

  dave_1967 20:47 12 Aug 2011

ok no worries, if you get any red items when the scans finished... close the note pad what opens then click show results, then click remove all, it should prompt to restart computer to finish removing,

  tiredboy 08:36 13 Aug 2011

The scan has now finished. 300000 items scanned and nothing malicious found

  tiredboy 09:07 13 Aug 2011

Just to add aswell, the clock on the pc says it is 8.54 whn it actually is 9.06 so it is losing time somehow aswell when it 'semi-freezes'

  dave_1967 17:35 13 Aug 2011

link textOk reset time and date.. make sure your time zone is correct. see how that goes. ok to the other issue, right click on your task bar {in a blank area} left click start task manager,in new window bottom right check how many processes are running (40 or less is ok) if theres more then might be an idea to look at stopping some of the uneeded startup items by doing a msconfig

  dave_1967 17:38 13 Aug 2011

To see info about msconfig in vista click link text on last post, after you have stopped some uneeded startup items your computer will star faster and you won't have as much running in the background.

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