Jerky Computer

  AlexPB 08:57 08 May 2008


Over the last six months or so my PC has become a bit jerky and laggy.

What I mean by this is when I sign in to my hotmail account to check my email or use a web page which is java based, or most commonly when i am using media player, the mouse is very jerky as opposed to moving smoothly accross the page.

Im not really sure how to explain this, I hope it makes sense.

Thank you

  Technotiger 09:06 08 May 2008

I would guess you are using a mouse with a Ball underneath. Take out the ball and clean off the little rollers inside the mouse, best done with something like a nail-file or small screwdriver. Make sure all three rollers inside are absolutely clear of gunk! Your mouse will then be like new!

  AlexPB 09:09 08 May 2008


No i am using a wireless optical mouse and Im sure its not the mouse as I have tried using three different mouses. It really does feel like its something in the PC. It also happens when i scroll down a web page. Its not smooth scrolling its very jerky. if i scroll the mouse down the page jerks down in solid movements instead of a nice steady fluent movement.


  FatboySlim71 09:20 08 May 2008

It could be that when you are experiencing "the mouse is very jerky" that your PC is hitting very high CPU usage.

Can you press CTRL Alt DEL, this should bring up/or give you the option to run the task manager (depending on your operating system), once you have the task manager running can you click on the PROCESSES Tab. Now can you start some program etc that you know causes the jerkyness and see if the CPU Usage at the bottom of the Task Manager window goes up high, also whilst doing this can you check from the list of processes to see if any of them are using a lot of CPU.

  Technotiger 09:20 08 May 2008

Maybe a bit of spring-cleaning/PC maintenance is required then. Do you regularly run any Maintenance programs or Reg cleaners. In your browser delete cookies and temp files etc. Perhaps even a bit of physical cleaning out of the case and fans. Or even could be hard-drive nearing the point of collapse, depending on its age, that is just a guess!

  AlexPB 09:22 08 May 2008

Ok than you, I will check when I get home tonight as i am currently at work.

Initially I thaught maybe things like the Graphics card etc could need upgrading...?


  Technotiger 09:23 08 May 2008

FatboySlim71 has made a good point about the CPU usage. If you use Adobe/Acrobat this is a known CPU hogger especially when it goes into update mode.

  AlexPB 09:24 08 May 2008

Technotiger- Also I regulalrly use the Windows Onecare complete PC scan, on top of that run a seperate defrag, clean up, have noron antivirus installed and regularly delete browsing history and cookies.


  AlexPB 09:40 08 May 2008

Ok, So if when I get home and I check the CPU usage and say for example windows Media Player or Internet explorer is using a lot of CPU what would my next step be?


  AlexPB 09:41 08 May 2008

Also just to add if this helps the problem does not happen in My documents when scrolling through music folders or document folders.

  AlexPB 19:06 08 May 2008

Ok ive chcked the processes tab in Task manager and the CPU usage shoots up to between 70 - 85 when i open either Media player or Internet explorer.


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