Jeantech R2 Pc case,HD LED not flashing

  iqs 13:24 30 Mar 2008


Sorry for posting yet another thread,but its my weekend off,time for problem solving.

I have the Jeantech R2 Pc case.

I have fitted a shuttle MB,all the Pc case connections are connected according to the MB manual,all work.But the HD light is not lit or flashing.

Like I said it is connected correctly,I have even connected the lead the other way around,still the same.

The only lights I have are the On/Off switch light and the rather fancy case lighting.

Any ideas please.


  DieSse 13:29 30 Mar 2008

Either the casble/LED is faulty, or you've not connected it correctly.

If the on/off switch LED works - connect the HDD LED to that, this will check if the HDD LED/cable actually works or not. And you can do vive versa as a double check.

  Technotiger 14:00 30 Mar 2008

The things is, does it all work, apart from the busy-light?

If it is working ok, then I would not worry too much - my busy light has not worked since upgrading my motherboard about a year ago, everything works perfectly apart from the busy light, and I have had no problems.

  iqs 15:33 30 Mar 2008

Hi all,Did as DieSse suggested,the LED is dead,the ON/OFF light flashed when connected to the HDD LED pins.
The case was only bought Wednesday,do I go back to Pc World,or do as Technotiger says,if it all(it does) works why worry.

Thank for your help,Cheers

  Technotiger 15:43 30 Mar 2008

Hmm, as yours is new, I would get back to PCW to have it sorted.

  iqs 21:35 30 Mar 2008

have a word with Pc World.Cheers again for all the help

  ambra4 21:58 30 Mar 2008

Try switching the leads around make sure the plus (+)lead on the led is connected to the plus (+) on the motherboard

Some motherboard have three pins + - +

  iqs 12:10 31 Mar 2008

ambra4.Did as you suggested,still no light.Went back to Pc World,they offered to swap the case,but it means stripping out all the components.Not worth it really.
Thanks again

  Fingees 12:18 31 Mar 2008

If you can get to it, you could change the led.

Just a suggestion, as I know how some things can irritate after a while.

All the best.

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