jdbmgr.exe IS A HOAX. It is not a Virus!

  Cordy13 23:35 01 Feb 2003

Please send this to the top of the page if it gets too far down. PLEASE?

  BRYNIT 23:37 01 Feb 2003

We Know, We Know, We Know,

  Sir Radfordin™ 23:38 01 Feb 2003

Where is the fun in that :o

  Cordy13 23:49 01 Feb 2003

Just because it's ticked doesn't mean it's resolved!

  leo49 00:06 02 Feb 2003

Teddy's an honorary member of the Forum. His regular visits provide much amusement and would be sorely missed.

  Forum Editor 00:53 02 Feb 2003

this hoax has enjoyed over the months I'm very surprised that there's anyone left who doesn't know about it.

  Pauper 01:44 02 Feb 2003

FE, you would be surprised, two weeks ago I had a phone call from my parents in Bedfordshire who had received the e-mail from a friend in Kent who had dutifully deleted the ‘necessary’ file, as well as forwarding details to a large number of other contacts, then within days, I myself received an e-mail at work from a contact in Australia advising that he had been infected and that I should take the appropriate action, which naturally I didn’t, however a colleague in the US who received the same e-mail warning did delete the file. Trust me ‘Teddy’ despite never actually doing anything wrong, is still very much active.

  Pauper 01:47 02 Feb 2003

Note: just to get a little more global, the Australian contact had been informed from someone in South Africa.

  Forum Editor 01:50 02 Feb 2003

thank goodness for computer forums then. We've had dozens of threads about this hoax, going back over a long period.

It's worth repeating that neither Microsoft/The Pentagon/Virus software companies/Universities/Medical colleges/Military chiefs ever send out email notifications of viruses to the computer comunity at large - under any circumstances.

So, if you receive a 'round robin' email from a friend or contact about some dreaded virus that wipes your hard drive etc., you can safely assume that it's a hoax.

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