Kypros 14:09 20 Feb 2003

Are you still there?

I have guessed that it could be drivers need updating. It might explain why the computer has the gremlins.

I have recently had Asrock motherboard, Duron 1100 processor and Nvidia Ge-force MX440SE-T Video card installed by my partner.

Do you reckon I need new video drivers, and where would I get the right download?

How would I know if it was the right one?

  Kypros 14:15 20 Feb 2003

Sorry forgot to add in title.

  jazzypop 14:20 20 Feb 2003

Yes, I'm still here :)

Are you referring back to this thread? click here

If so, what makes you think that it is the video driver? Have you worked through the other options first?

If you want to update the video driver, go to click here - just follow the download links, and you will get the right driver.

It is equally possible (in terms of suspect drivers) that you might need updated drivers for the motherboard - they should be available from the manufacturer's web site.

For now, try booting into Safe Mode and looking in Device Manager for any error messages - that should give you a good clue with regard to missing or faulty drivers.

As a general point, trying to troubleshoot by making 'inspired guesses' is always the longest, hardest method. Starting at one end of the problem, and eliminating possible faults in a logical sequence, is always the quickest and most effective way.

  Kypros 15:23 20 Feb 2003

I will take your advice, but I will save all this advice and wait until this evening when the "expert" arrives. I have no hardware device conflicts in Device manager, and I've downloaded a 13MB file from Nvidia. My partner will no doubt know what to do, and two minds are better than one.

I reckon this site is quite useful.

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