java(tm) platform, standard edition

i was just replying to another thread and for a split second everything locked up and the above appeared on my toolbar.
it has done this for a couple of days, since i pressed ok to an upgrade window that had been nagging since i put xp back on my pc, i dont think it's malware, norton, a squared, adaware and trend micro dont see anything, but i dont really like it can i delete it from add/ remove or will i start getting the nagging window again?
any advise, as always gratefully recieved.

  rdave13 00:02 13 May 2007

Go to add/remove and delete all Java programs.
Install latest at here .

  Dipso 00:15 13 May 2007

Thanks for the link. Downloading the latest build has solved a problem with the colour scheme reverting to Vista Basic when I loaded a Java application.

will do thanks for that

i have removed both programs form add/ remove jm runtime 6 and an update both massive 150 mb programs ran ccleaner and reg mech rebooted and come here to download from the link and nothing seems any different!
what does java do exactly?

  rdave13 01:00 13 May 2007

Does what Windows reluctantly can't do without. So you have the latest Java then I suggest you uninstall flash player active x.. click here .
Reboot and reinstall flash, click here .

  rdave13 01:02 13 May 2007

PS., you're not still defragging in the background are you...;))

lol no not today, that turned out to be my very silent hiper psu struggling witha gtx, have now got a very noisy 29 amp twin 6 pin pci psu/ diesel generator fitted. i have downloaded the java, the only difference i see is the toolbar thingy again. i will download the flash and give it a try. (i hate things i dont understand i have to read up on them before i can sleep)
thanks again for your help.
and remember dont defrag while your downloading!
(if you're psu is too small for your system!)

  rdave13 01:25 13 May 2007

LOL.. I noted your response about the amps. Thanksk.

i had a 7600gt before which had a very cheap and nasty sounding fan, when i put the new card in i was amazed, no noise! About 10 minutes into a game, i noticed a quiet wind like sound, after another 10 minutes this sound had risen to what i can only describe as a scooby doo ghost noise! it really is strange, and if you have the windows and doors open this noise goes up and down with the air current! after a week i found myself playing wow with my headset on.
i put an akasa exhaust fan under the card, lowered temps by 10 degrees, but it has a similar woooooooo sound, but in a different pitch, so the pc was dead quiet on tick over soon as i played a game without headphones i would find myself giggling like a loony at the comical sounds of my pc!
fortunately i no longer hove those problems thanks to my "boeing" psu unit which drowns out pretty much every sound in the street!
anyway goodnight all im off to bed ,')

  rdave13 02:02 13 May 2007

Absolutely LOL again...the better we upgrade the more problems we encounter... maybe you should name your PC the CONCORD II, silent until exited..;)

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