JavaScript/Flash Player Aint Able To Run

  Robotic_Rob 21:19 24 Sep 2006

Ive got these pieces of virus/spyware software.
Does anybody know if any of them can stop JavaScript or Macromedia's Flash Player? And how to configure them so i can run flash player or javascript?

Ad-Aware SE Professional V1.06
Registry Mechanic V5
RegScrubXP V3.25
SpywareBlaster V3.5.1
Zone Labs Security V6.5.7
Coolweb Shredder V2.19
Spybot - Search And Destroy V1.4
Windows Defender V1.1

The only reason im asking is that i go on to You Tube. And ive never had a problem with the website until this week. Instead of a video popping up i get this error message.

Hello, you either have JavaScript turned off or an old version of Macromedia's Flash Player. Click here to get the latest flash player.

Also does anybody know of any other windows/IE configuration bits that might of been forgotten.


  skidzy 21:25 24 Sep 2006

Rob is this a carry over thread from another.I seem to have read this before or something similar.

Try flash from click here

  skidzy 21:29 24 Sep 2006

Also check your Javascript settings click here

  Robotic_Rob 21:32 24 Sep 2006

Cheers, How wierd because i followed the link on the website. As shown above. It says it would download the latest flash player. So i downloaded it and installed it. But it still didnt work. I downloaded the version that your link had and it works.

  skidzy 21:35 24 Sep 2006

For months now there has been a problem with BBC and Youtube sites regarding the Macromedia Flash Player.

For some reason the link i posted seems to work for most...sorry i cannot give you the exact answer though,but hey it works.

Good luck Rob

  rsinbad 22:56 24 Sep 2006

Thanks for the link wondered why u tube videos wern't working your link works fine.

  gudgulf 22:58 24 Sep 2006

Are you using IE7 by any chance?...I've just upgraded from IE6 and Youtube now gives the same error you are getting....worked fine before.

No problems at all accessing Youtube via FireFox browser.

  skidzy 22:59 24 Sep 2006

No problem rsinbad,glad to be of help.

  skidzy 23:02 24 Sep 2006

Check your Javascript settings,though i havnt tried IE 7 yet,to many problems for me to be bothered with it just here
Think il wait a while.

Firefox for me :-))

  rsinbad 23:11 24 Sep 2006

I am using IE7 strange any other flash sites worked fine skidzys link seems to have solved that must be u tube problem

  gudgulf 23:14 24 Sep 2006

Thanks for the tip but all my jva settings are as they should be and javascript is up to is the Flash player.

I've done a web search and it seems like mine is a common's recommended to stay with IE6 until all the Beta glitches are ironed out.

However I only use IE for sites that don't fully work with FireFox so it doesn't really matter (unless my wife hits a snag using the AOL browser that is!).

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