Javascript has got me puzzled

  firegamp 11:53 05 Nov 2008

I clicked on an illustration in a web page (in Firefox Version 3.0.3). Nothing happened, but down at the bottom left a message appeared that mentioned javascript. This happened several times, with other illustrations. Not sure hown I did it, but eventually I had a Firefox info window headed Element Properties. Under Link Properties it gave the address as javascript:pageforward.submit(); and said "Will open in: same window." Under Miscellaneous Properties it said the text language was English and the table summary read: "page content and navigation". Please, can anyone cast any light on my darkness? FIREGAMP

  Joe R 13:49 05 Nov 2008


this page will allow you to sort out any java problems. click here

  Pineman100 16:20 15 Nov 2008

You've closed this thread, but it's good manners to leave a 'thank you' to anyone who has helped you.

I think Joe R has earned that, don't you?

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