java2 update to IE6

  MickE1 12:45 07 Feb 2005

I wsa looking at a site called Housecall a virus checker from Trend Micro. It suggested I needed to update java from 1 to type 2. I did this and the virus check still did not work. But....
I found my browser and broadband got much faster !
I have been using BT Yahoo broadband and thought searching a bit slow. The Yahoo browser is bolted on to IE6 which I suppose uses Jav 1?
Anybody understand all this stuff and why I had to find out by accident ?

  JIM 13:37 07 Feb 2005

if you had an other browser like firefox you may have been prompted to upgrade your Java.

Trend have likely suggested you to upgrade as they were unable to download the applets and files to scan your system for viruses/trojans.without it.


"virus check still did not work."Have a look in the ie internet properties to see if Trend succeeded in there download of files in the first place.

ie internet properties,right click,to open up,then setting tab to view Objects and look for Trend micro and for Java Active x controls.

Unless you have other problems stopping you from being able to be scanned online.

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  MickE1 14:08 07 Feb 2005

thanks for info. But why does it make my browser faster ? just quicker because its newer ?
Any decent browser would have instructed me to update. So anyone running slow should check their java situation.
I was thinking it was BTs fault and cosidering a change to Firefox. Maybe more trouble. My other option was to dispense with the Yahoo browser, which I pay for, and bolt on Maxthon. As long as they work as quick or more so than the yahoo/BT/java 2.

  MickE1 08:47 09 Feb 2005

Jim or whoever,
any response to my last comments ?

  JIM 13:58 09 Feb 2005

bump up

  ACOLYTE 16:08 09 Feb 2005

Why use the BT browser anyway i to have BT broad Band and use IE6 for browsing with sun java 1.6 and the Trend site runs ok for me.I think i only used the BT one once that was when i first installed the setup.

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