java will not operate correctly on microsoft xp

  Guy Fawkes 13:44 02 Jan 2004

have succsessfully installed twice but still not recognised by microsoft in order to function.
I have tried all the previous suggestions made in the helproom. Please help! Any new ideas?

  anchor 13:46 02 Jan 2004

Which Java are you installing; the Sun version or the Microsoft Virtual machine?.

  SGT [email protected] 13:47 02 Jan 2004

i've got the same problem , no matter how many times i install it it doesnt work

  SGT [email protected] 13:47 02 Jan 2004

i've tried both

  thms 13:58 02 Jan 2004

Ditto, though I did have it working once.

Tried everything to get it to work again,gave up in the end.

  Guy Fawkes 14:00 02 Jan 2004

I have tried both and they are driving me mad.

  961 14:47 02 Jan 2004

Are you using SpywareBlaster?

If so it is set by default to kill Macromedia Flash which is the programme used by many sites

Go to "Tools" and disable the Flash Killer

Otherwise, IE6 has options to disable Java

  Guy Fawkes 15:48 02 Jan 2004

Not using Spywareblaster.
Enabled in IE options..................
....Still no-go...I NEED A DRINK!

  kfp 23:24 03 Jan 2004

I am a novice computer user and have been having the same problems as Guy Fawkes,but I am relieved that other people are having the same problem.It means that I haven't done something wrong on my computer.I have also successfully loaded it twice,but it still shows an error when trying to go online game sites.

  short-circuit 16:26 04 Jan 2004

Can you give an example of a piece of java that it is not operating? Is it web-page linked or is it from another source... a CD or something? If it is from a web-page, then we can go and check out the site and see whether anyone can access, this and then check settings against those of the person, who has the working version?

  kfp 17:35 04 Jan 2004

The site was accessed from a web page,pogo games.
The last error message I got was click here.
Any advice would be much appreciated.
This is one way of learning to use a computer.

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