Java script, need help here

  User-312386 00:45 24 May 2003

hi all

starting to learn a bit about JAVA click here

ok the thing is when you write the script and put it in i dont want all the writing to go all over the place, well i mean like you can put some text in a frame, make the window smaller and the text does not shuffle all over the place

am i making sense?
so how do i make code so the script on the page does not go all over the place?

thanks in advance

dont worry about the design layout at the moment as i am pulling the site down soon and revamping it

just want some input about JAVA



  Taran 01:27 24 May 2003

I'm assuming you are referring to the way the code is indented and line spaced if you copy and paste it or if you write a snippet of several long lines.

Which editor are you using ?

If you're just playing with conceptual code in Notepad (for example), turning Wordwrap on (click Format on the top toolbar then click Wordwrap)limits how much code can fit on one line depending on the size of the Notepad window.

Simple text editors like Arachnophilia click here (my personal favourite for web and programming code) automatically limit how many characters fit onto one line as does the excellent HTML Kit click here

If the indenting/line spacing is not your issue or you are using another editor, post again and more details will follow.



  User-312386 22:29 24 May 2003

many thanks

loads of links now


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