Java problem-cannot load ant games

  Femme 23:56 02 Apr 2006

I just got a new pc windows xp
I am unable to play any games at all I believe its a java problem
I downloaded sun java and still no results
games will not load at all
I believe I enabled what I should of to get this going
Any help would be appreciated ty ty

  terryf 00:02 03 Apr 2006

Try to go to Control panel>java and check for updates also when you downloaded Java did you get teh moving window on the Sun site that says the download is ok?

  octal 07:05 03 Apr 2006

This site will test your JavaScript:
click here

And this site will test you Java Sun:
click here

  961 09:39 03 Apr 2006

click here is useful for sorting java problems

Internet explorer security options as well as firewalls and many spywarekillers such as Spywareblaster may prevent java working unless allowed

  Femme 14:34 03 Apr 2006

Shall try all of your suggestions
I appreciate the help

  Femme 20:53 03 Apr 2006

Ive tried almost everything still cannot get any online games to work
any other ideas pl
Ty ty

  skidzy 21:05 03 Apr 2006

Ive had several problems with my java lately and all sorted now.

Try this and see where we go from there.

click here

It is the trial version and will only correct 10 errors at any one time,unless you pay for the full version.

You need the registry optimiser version

Tick all boxes once downloaded and scan,you may have to scan and repair several times before it will clear all errors under the trial version.

If this dose not work for you,post back.

It has various other tools that are user friendly,also any changes it may make are all restorable.

  skidzy 21:09 03 Apr 2006

Alternatively you may think about updating your Java
click here

  Femme 21:11 03 Apr 2006

ill try it cant see why it should be a error pc is not even a week old
could the firewall be blocking it
thanks a bunch

  VoG II 21:12 03 Apr 2006

If all of that fails you might consider uninstalling Sun Java and installing Microsoft Java VM from click here

  skidzy 21:21 03 Apr 2006

What online games are you trying to play,also what firewall have you installed.
Can you post the links please.

If something like zonealarm,you may have to configure it to allow the games to be played,basically as 961 said earlier.

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