Java and Javascript

  guesswho2 15:32 08 Jan 2008

I've just been browsing the Forum (using FF) and noticed a reply by 'skidzy' to 'thosebananas' about Java. Would skidzy or someone please elaborate on this and advise if both Java and Javascript should both be unticked in FF Options? What do they do and what's the difference between them?!

  rossgolf 16:22 08 Jan 2008

basically javascript is webscripting language and java is a more in depth programming language. there is no conection with the two.

no they sould not be unticked this would cause certain things to be disabled on some websites

  skidzy 16:45 08 Jan 2008

" no they sould not be unticked this would cause certain things to be disabled on some websites "

Surely this is the user choice rossgolf.

Disabling javascript and java can be safely disabled,however as said some sites will need something like IETab to have full access to the script of the site.

Also while Javascript is disabled,this makes the browser more secure.
If a visited site has an infected script,this cannot be executed if Javascript is disabled.

Disabling Java (not to be confused with Javascript) will again reduce the risk of nasties executed through flash games and flash banners etc.

  rossgolf 16:49 08 Jan 2008

true skidzy but more websites these days may require javascript or java to run the website

for a beginer (not sure how good you are guesswho2) i think it should be enabled to avoid more posts as to why certain things are not displaying etc....


  skidzy 16:54 08 Jan 2008

I run Firefox 95% of the time without javascript enabled and have done for a couple of years.

Just use the IETab,right click a link/address and open in IETab and this cures almost all problems that may need Javascript...obviously nothing is 100%

  rossgolf 16:56 08 Jan 2008

fair enough

which ever you like then guesswho2

  guesswho2 20:09 08 Jan 2008

Thanks for your comments rossgolf and skidzy.
I normally use Firefox although I keep IE in readiness with a right-click. I like the idea of browsing with maximum security so I think I'll maybe untick both Java and Javascript and see how I get on. Being an old codger, I don't nowadays visit dodgy sites and I don't play internet games and so I've not had any bad experiencies on the internet. I just want to stay as safe as possible when I'm browsing.
Many thanks for getting back to me.

  kalyanram 11:17 29 May 2008

i have windows xp & ie 7
i have down loaded adobe flash player and enabled java script.

though flash player is not playing and my you player is also not playing.

when itry to play you tube player the matter java script is turned off or get latest flash player is displayed.

please help me

  skidzy 16:47 29 May 2008

Really you start your own thread in the helproom as you will receive replies to your registered email account notifying you of your thread responses.

For now try this;

Uninstall flashplayer using the Adobe uninstaller click here

Run Ccleaner to remove remanants of the uninstalltion click here

Reboot the computer.

Download Flashplayer from Filehippo click here and install.

Now try Youtube again.

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