Java download in Mozilla Firefox?

  Daibus 19:19 15 Nov 2004

I recently installed Mozilla Firefox 1.0 and had to download Java Runtime Enviroment 5.0 (71.80MB) to activate certain features of a website.

My question: Is this add on recommended (I can access that particular website from another Browser) and is there any security risk with having this Download on your computer?

Many thanks.

  Djohn 19:42 15 Nov 2004

I too downloaded Firefox 1.0 a couple of days back and needed to download the Java runtime for quite a few sites to work correctly. Your other browser is probably IE6 this already has Microsoft's version of java and that is why you could access the sites.

Sun's version of Java, the one you have just downloaded is much better and safer.

I also found that the spell checker I use for IE6 does not work with Firefox but this one does, just downloaded it and it works fine in forums and web pages. click here

Don't forget to scroll down and select the English UK version before downloading. After the download close Firefox and reopen and use the right click of your mouse in any message box such as the one you use here, the dictionary will appear.

  Irishman 20:52 15 Nov 2004

Just in case you're interested

click here

  Daibus 08:17 16 Nov 2004


Cheers to you for your advice on Java Runtime, but one question: Is it necessary to install the full Custom version or is it better to install only certain parts of the programme manually.


Thanks to you, and have installed Tweak Network Settings and Firefox does seem to load even faster than before.

  Stuartli 09:39 16 Nov 2004

I installed Firefox the other day and, although I already have Java installed, it came up with the need to install a new version.

It took only a few minutes on dialup - certainly it was nothing like 70MB..:-)

In fact the last time I installed Java Runtime, about six weeks ago, it was nowhere near that size.

  Daibus 10:27 16 Nov 2004


Cheers for your reply but could you tell me the version of Java Runtime that you have installed?

The version I have is J2SE 5.0 71.80MB and it took about 30 mins to download.
I would prefer to have the smallest version on my computer, but one that will do the job.

With thanks.

  Djohn 10:52 16 Nov 2004

Being on broadband I downloaded the full version and got shut of the Microsoft version at the same time.

Forum members have been advising for a long time now to remove the Microsoft version and install the Sun version. In fact when SP 1a came out it didn't include Microsoft's version of Java, I was still using the older SP1 version at the time, just never got round to changing the Java.

  Daibus 11:02 16 Nov 2004


Is the full version of Java that you have installed J2SE version 5.0?


  Stuartli 17:26 16 Nov 2004

I have JSE Runtime 5.0 and J2re1.4.2.06 - total is 35.5MB.

  Daibus 09:27 18 Nov 2004


Thanks for your reply. I will check my Java programme again.


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