Java:-constant u/d reminders

  six-h 23:51 27 Aug 2007

Since I downloaded the latest Java software, I keep getting popups saying that updates are available.
Upon visiting the site, I'm told my version is up to date.
This is becoming iritating.
I notice that the current version did not overwrite the previous ones so am I supposed to delete previous versions?

  birdface 00:02 28 Aug 2007

I deleted the previous version and have had no problems.

  six-h 00:10 28 Aug 2007

I suspect that is the cause, but was afraid to delete, in case one version "talked" to another!
I'll delete the old ones.
Just another small query, I notice that some posts have bold type, yet there is no facility in this forum to do it, any idea how to achieve it?

  birdface 00:20 28 Aug 2007

All I have in my add remove is Java 6 update 2 all the rest have been deleted.Sorry but no idea how to do the bold type. But I am sure someone will be able to advise you.

  Belatucadrus 00:48 28 Aug 2007

There's no way of emboldening the contents of the "Message" box.

  six-h 12:42 28 Aug 2007

Ihadn't thought of that:-)

  six-h 22:26 28 Aug 2007

Deleted old Javas yesterday, no popups all day today, and all apps. requiring it seem OK.
Sorted I think!

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