BIGXXH 12:39 01 Aug 2009

I have been trying to download a program that needs java, and i have just done a full reinstall of windows so when i go to the java site to install java it won't allow me to do it saying that i have java runnig so i did a search and found the java files that are still on my system but it won't allow me to delete the old files, any way around this would be very welcome indeed.

Thank's in advance


  iscanut 13:45 01 Aug 2009

Have you tried removing via Control Panel, Add/Remove programs ?
Also try downloading Java from here click here and then run it and see how you get on.

  BIGXXH 18:40 01 Aug 2009

to iscanut

Tried the add and remove cannot see it listed there also tried the download again from where you pointed me, did not work went into (search for files) loads of files for java in the machine but the machine will not allow me to delete them and start again,and the error message that i am getting is (error 25099 unzipping core files failed).hope somebody can help me.
PS i have tried the java help page but that will not work so i am stumpped.

  BRYNIT 19:09 01 Aug 2009

You could try Windows Installer Clean Up Utility click here;en-us;290301 when down loaded and install you will need to go to program files/Windows Installer Clean Up for the program.

This is a Microsoft program I have just found so I don't Know if it will work

  BRYNIT 19:09 01 Aug 2009

Link did not work, lets try again click here;en-us;290301

  BRYNIT 19:11 01 Aug 2009

Last try click here;en-us;290301

  BRYNIT 19:12 01 Aug 2009


Just cut and past remove space between // and support

  BIGXXH 19:53 01 Aug 2009

I have tried your link but i still can't delete old files the message that i get when i try to delete files is as follows(cannot delete file: cannot read from the source file or disk)so i thank you for your help and if you or any one else has any idea what i can do i would be very gratefull.please read first post to see my problem.
Thank's to all


  BRYNIT 20:05 01 Aug 2009

Other possibilities to try

click here

click here

  BIGXXH 23:37 01 Aug 2009

To Brynit

Thanks for all your help regarding my problem but nothing seems to want to shift those files from my machine tried all your links nothing seems to work so it seems i will have to live with not being able to download java i don't know what that means with regard to the computer working as it should in the future prehaps some good person could tell me the problems i could encounter.

thanks for your help

  gazzaho 08:25 02 Aug 2009

Try using Revo uninstaller click here it's a free program and may work. When using Revo be sure not to reboot if it tells you to until Revo has finished it's work. It uses the uninstaller of the program you want to remove then searches for any errant registry entries and folders and allows you to delete them. If registry entries are highlighted it's very important to only tick the ones in BOLD type for removal.

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