Jasc Paint Shop Photo Album 5 - jpg uploads fail

  peabody 15:12 09 Jan 2007

I've developed a site which has a facility to allow the artist to upload jpg images of his paintings (php). He downloads his photos from his camera and sees them in Jasc Paint Shop Photo Album 5 - I assume this software puts the files on to his HD. He can't upload them - the script just hangs and fails with a whinge message. If he passes me the pictures, I can upload them no problem. He can upload images that didn't come off his camera via the software.

I can't suss what's going on. I tried suggesting he stops Zone Alarm but it made no difference.
Any ideas please?

  LeadingMNMs 21:49 09 Jan 2007

Could it to do with the file types, or perhaps the size of the images taking too long to upload. What message does the PHP fail with ?

  peabody 09:39 10 Jan 2007

Ta. I don't think so. It's .jpg and in the region (typically) of 28mb. As I say, I have no trouble - but I get the file as an email attachment created by the Photo Album software and I have no trouble with it. I've asked him to email himself a file and see if he can upload it - it may indeed be filesize. Yes - when it's made into an email attachment the software must reduce the size. This could be it! I'll report back! Ta.

  peabody 15:02 11 Jan 2007

It wasn't filesize (the file was only 55k - well within th limit) but probably the format. I think he was renaming a non-jpg file as .jpg - whoops! Some education needed, but problem solved. Thanks for your help.

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