jammed start button

  tonyq 09:28 01 Jun 2008

Hi All,
on starting my Evesham desktop PC (about 4yrs old) this morning the pc switched on then directly off and the start button as jammed in.Please does anyone know of a quick /easy solution on how to rectify this.

  Fingees 09:37 01 Jun 2008

If it's physically jammed, a spray of WD40 may just fix it.
It fixed a jammed button on my car dash.

Just a thought

  birdface 09:44 01 Jun 2008

WD40 a big difference with 12volts and 250 vaults.Certainly would not try it on my computer.

  tonyq 09:57 01 Jun 2008

I have just given the pc tower a gentle/firm slap with the palm of my hand on the side near the power button and low and behold the button popped out. I will see how it goes before I tick resolved.
Thanks for the replies so far.

  Furkin 09:57 01 Jun 2008

WD40 can 'putrify' some plastics.
I would be very wary about using it on most plastics - unless I knew exactly what plastic it was.
A lot of on/off buttons on front panels are 'floating' within the front panel,,,, & make contact with a micro type switch on the casing when pushed.
It might be worth trying to get the panel off (mostly just 'clicked' into place)
If this can be done, maybe a very very light coating of petromeum jelly might help.

  anniesboy 10:39 01 Jun 2008

I had exactly this with my HP ,as described by Furkin.By taking the front panel off I could see that the plastic housing had broken in a couple of places and was jamming in.
By detaching the button from the housing I made a bodge of a repair ,I need to take care when switching on but something I can live with

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