jammed floppy drive

  2voddysandapint 23:22 19 Apr 2003

the little metal cover normally attached to a floppy has become stuck inside the drive is it possible to take drive out and take apart in able to retrieve or is it a sealed unit and a bin and replace job

  Steve27 23:26 19 Apr 2003

I would take a chance and have a go floppy drives are dirt cheap if it all goes pearshaped.

  DAICAP 23:26 19 Apr 2003

You can take them apart but you may not get it back together very easily. Try using a tweasers first. Make sure the pc is switshed off.

  ton 23:46 19 Apr 2003

You can usually easily remove the top cover of a floppy drive. I've done it many times in my work. You will need to remove it from the PC first. Sometimes there are a couple of small screws, other times the cover is just pushed on and will need a small screwdriver to prise it off. With the cover off, you should be able to shake out the foreign object. Make a note of how the ribbon cable is connected. If there is a problem with the drive afterwards, PCWorld sell them for about £9-99.

  Bagsey 23:47 19 Apr 2003

As a teacher (retired) I had this many times . I doubt if you would get it together again unless you has instrument tools and the fine motor skills. You may be able to retrieve the offending piece of metal using tweezers, BUT dont use metal tools, try to get those cheap plastic tweezers used in photography. At the end of the day remember that f;oppy drives are as cheap as chips so a new one wont break the bank

  Bagsey 23:50 19 Apr 2003

I also meant to say that if you get it out you could still be left with the little spring that held the metal gate shut stuck to the magnetic head.

  DieSse 01:21 20 Apr 2003

What magnetic head? - The head is not a magnet - if it was it wouldn't work.....

  Advocatum 02:25 20 Apr 2003

You could dessasemble the floopy drive to extract the metal cover just becouse inside the floopy there is a little spring wire used to return the cover to it's place, if do you not extract this wire, the same may goes to a critical pieces and make the 3.5" disk drive be out of order.


  Bagsey 17:09 21 Apr 2003

Sorry . The actuater for the read write head(s)
ie The gubbins that makes the head traverse the disk.
Also if left in the tiny spring will undoubtedly score the floppy suface.

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