123joey123 13:52 13 Feb 2008

Has anyone used Jalbum. and, if so,could you tell me how to integrate into my web site? There is an explanation but I find it too difficult to follow.Thanks

  mco 15:56 13 Feb 2008

do you know how to make the album in the first place? If so, you should end up with a folder where all the necessary stuff including photos is enclosed. You need to upload that folder to your site via ftp and then you make a link to the file within the folder that is named index.html. It will then open up the whole slideshow as a kind of mini-site. Look at the url of this (not particularly good) example. It is a folder called ALBUM (you could call it anything) and within it I have linked to the index dot html page click here

  123joey123 14:09 14 Feb 2008

Thanks for answering.yes,I can make the album.If I upload to my site how do I know where in the site it would go? I like your album.

  anchor 14:30 15 Feb 2008

I don`t know if you specifically want the album on an existing web site, if not, JAlbum offer free hosting if you sign up:

click here

To see an very personal example, (made only for friends about my holiday in Crete), look here:

click here

Uploading was very easy, using their facilities.

click here

  anchor 14:35 15 Feb 2008

Sorry, I linked to my album twice.

click here

  mco 15:40 15 Feb 2008

yes, if you want a simple way I'd imagine anchor's suggestion would suit - you just upload to their site and then paste in the hyperlink on your site. As for where you put it if you ftp it up to your own site - that is up to you. If you plan to have many albums you could set up a folder called 'albums' and then upload each new and named folder into that. Then you would get url like www dot mysite dot com / albums /holiday/index . html
It's up to you really. Then on your page you would say something like 'Holiday photos click here ' and hyperlink to them

  123joey123 16:34 15 Feb 2008

Thanks for answering, all. I'm afraid you are dealing with a pea brain.

Firstly I managed to upload to my website but it over wrote everything.Then it suggested doing it to a sub-directory which was well beyond me.
I then, as suggested uploaded to their site quite easilly but how do I hyperlink from IE?
Thanks for taking the time.I'm afraid some of us struggle but would like to know.

  mco 18:25 15 Feb 2008

Do you have your own website back in order and ok now? And you have uploaded to the J-album site your photos - and you have saved the address of your photo album on their site so you can look at it again?
You need to go to your website - what website editing program are you using? If you say which, it will be easier to explain. It will be something like...
on a page of your site where you want to point people in the direction of the photos, type in something like : Have a look at my holiday photos here. Then you select 'Holiday photos here' - it should be highlighted - then you find on your webdesign program a button that enables you to make a hyperlink (if you say what you're using to make your site that will help) A box should come up and you then type in or paste in the address where you can access your photos on the j-Album site. Save, upload that page again to your site and should work.

  JAC13 21:12 15 Feb 2008

I use Shozam which is very similar to JAlbum.
I upload my album to my host under index_html/gallery then hyperlink to the precise page in my web site.
check it out here click here


  123joey123 12:24 16 Feb 2008

Thanks,folks. I use serif web plus10. I'll have a go and tell you how I got on.Thanks again

  123joey123 13:41 16 Feb 2008

Thanks,folks,I've done it and feel a right idiot not seeing how it was done

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