Ive Seen 6 Advisors at home but still no luck

  uk-shopsonline.com 23:02 08 Apr 2004

Please help me !

About october last year i was well into playing counterstrike when one day i started to play and noticed i was moving in slow motion. I thought maybe a virus. I have done about 50 up-to-date virus checks, adaware, spyware but still no luck. I brought a radeon 256mb graphics card, still no luck, then i brought a ge force 128mb, still the same problem with every game now. The game runs fine but my character moves in slow motion. It is not in the options anywhere. I now have broadband and still its the same weather its online or single player. Its weird how even old games like half life do it.
I have a athlon 1.6 with 340mb ram and 38.9 free GB left. I also have bt yahoo broadband. Can anyone help????I also formatted the whole computer, and then the first thing i done once xp was loaded back on was try a game. Still the same problem. If i look at my cpu usage it moves between 30 - 70 every second. Is this normal as i only have used up 0.2 GB Please help as i have been to pc world and had private people look and they dont know. Is it perhaps more memory needed

  Giggle n' Bits 23:10 08 Apr 2004

& configuration of your hardware I would say motherboard or HDD, memory sounds ok, processor a little under but there again how much space is "used" on you HDD and what the full GB size.

Athlon's aren't slow so I take that back, is this a packard Bell or other branded or diy/oem machine ?

  dazzling (work) 23:16 08 Apr 2004

how have you got 340mb of ram is that what the system is showing? what o/s are you using?

  Giggle n' Bits 23:20 08 Apr 2004

Ok, has your motherboard got Onboard graphcis as well as the AGP Card? if so, you need to dissable the onboard graphics.

Tell us more about the memory is it 1x 256MB & 1x 64MB DIMMS (Stick's of) ?

  QQAA 23:23 08 Apr 2004

if graphics card is all right, then maybe you had burnt some of your system memory (which maker is it?) while playing the intense first-person shooter game.

so far have you done any checks to verify that you still have 340MB (quite a strange memory configuration) as your main memory ?

  Giggle n' Bits 23:27 08 Apr 2004

right click on your "My Computer" icon then select Properties from the drop down menu. In the small window box that come up in the bottom right it will tell you what the CPU is ans also amount of memory installed (hopefully)

  QQAA 23:49 08 Apr 2004

download the shareware "SANDRA Standard Version" from 3B Software click here, which is a popular system diagnostic and benchmarking tool.

you can browse through the various modules to see if you could discover some anomaly in your pc components, such as the main memory.

  dazzling (work) 23:08 09 Apr 2004

right lads uk-shopsonline.com sent me email 340 is he cant count (sorry)128 mb + 64mb + 128 on ge force card.so spec is 1.6 athlon 40gb hard drive 192mb ram and a 128 mb ge force card.this does appear to be a hard ware problem but where do we start. are the to sticks of ram same make and speed ? did you have them both in before problem started.what was the origional graphics card or was it onboard? did you disable onboard graphics when you put the radeon in?please give as much detail as you can,but post it here for others to see aswell.darren

  LastChip 23:55 09 Apr 2004

This could be faulty memory. It would be worth running a memory checker to see if it flags up any problems. You use it from a floppy, so there is no interference from any Windows components or running programs.

click here for one of the leading programs. You can download it for free!

  hugh-265156 00:19 10 Apr 2004

click here

click start/run and type dxdiag

click the system tab and look at the version number.what is it? also click the display tab and run the tests,any errors?

i would try getting direct x9 click here then the latest drivers for the graphics card click here or click here and then re installing CS maybe.

as above if you had onboard graphics and did not disable them it could cause problems with any add on card(not all mobos auto detect a graphics card and it has to set manually)

check device manager and any reference to an onboard graphics chip here i would right click it/properties and select "do not use this device(disable)and restart the computer.

also check in your bios/advanced menu that any onboard chipset is diasabled or vga boot from etc is set to either auto or agp.


  Giggle n' Bits 01:22 10 Apr 2004

He said :
Hi The system did have onboard graphics and i havent disabled it becuase i cant find it. I have gone into device manager and click on display adaptors and graphics but it only shows my ge force card where as my brother has the same card and it shows both his and his on board. How do i get to disable the on board ? The computer has 128mb the graphics card has 128mb and i put a old 64mb chip into the mother so it now shows 340mb Please help this is really bugging me

Also he said:-

it is a TIME computer and it shows as a athlon hope this helps

Ok, so he has onboard Graphics and we need to know it is switched of in the BIOS.

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