I've lost XP disc, and want to format drive.

  Baskerville 16:33 06 Aug 2008

Hi all,

As my computer is 5 years old and HD is nearly full, I would like to format the drive and add some memory to it.
I have moved all the important stuff onto a removable HD, so now is a good time to give it a wipe, trouble is I cannot find the original XP disc, the one with the 25 number key, I have searched and searched but I can only find the Medion product recovery cd rom that came with the comp.
I phoned Medion Swindon who told me that I can buy another XP disc for about £20 quid, they have all my details and my serial number of the computer, is this the only way I can get XP home edition back onto my computer?

What does anyone recommend ?



  Pamy 16:39 06 Aug 2008

If you have not got the original XP Home disk then you cannot put XP home back on. The recovert disk should however restore youir computer to as it was when you first took it out of the box

  DieSse 16:55 06 Aug 2008

I recommend you take them up on the £20 offer - that's a good deal all-in-all.

PS - DON'T lose it again!


  Baskerville 16:57 06 Aug 2008

Thanks for the replies,


  Pineman100 19:01 06 Aug 2008

Won't this CD allow you to reformat and reload windows? Nowadays it's unusual for computers with preloaded Windows to come with a full Microsoft Windows CD. They usualy come with a recovery CD that will restore everything back to its condition when the computer was new.

Have you tried booting from the recovery CD?

  woodchip 20:23 06 Aug 2008

I have two Medions, Not from Aldi. From Makro Warehouse they have both a recovery disc and a OEM XP CD. Aldi does not have this, only a recovery disc along with the Backup Recover partitions

  Baskerville 20:37 12 Aug 2008

Hi there,

I have found 2 discs, one is called 'Medion application & support CD' and the other is 'Medion product recovery cd'
I would like to take the computer back to as it was the first time I switched it on, which is the best cd to use and do I boot up from the cd drive? and will it walk me through the setup?

Many thanks,


  kindly 20:47 12 Aug 2008

I have just done my medion computer which is also about 4 years old. I used my Operating system recovery disc. The other one called the support disc has all the tools you need after loading it up. It has drivers on it for things like the wireless and things like that.
Mine went ok, but make sure you have the key code. Although saying that mine never actually asked for it and all loaded ok.

  Baskerville 21:22 12 Aug 2008

Is that the product recovery disk you used first?
and what did that do? if so mine does not have a serial number but the application support disc does have a serial number,
is it a case of booting up with the recovery disc first and then using the application and support disc to add drivers etc, etc,



  woodchip 22:22 12 Aug 2008

Start comp with recovery disc and choose the bottom option out of the three it offers

  woodchip 22:23 12 Aug 2008

Forgot to say the Restore Partition as to intact with the Restore Images for it to work. And Partitions not been changed

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