I've lost my pics

  B.J. 14:45 23 Jun 2011

Help please....a couple of days ago I was doing some sorting of my photos on PICASA...... when I came to delete a test folder of about 6 pics I lost nearly ALL my pictures, I expected them to be in the recycling bin but ....no. Can files like photos just dissappear into nothing or are they hiding somewhere on my PC. I think it might have happened because the laptop I was using has a habit of 'clicking' on anything that the curser might cross when I'm moving it. It's a Dell laptop with Vista home brew. B.J.

  Nontek 15:02 23 Jun 2011

Your pics should still be lurking ... run this direct download link text to recover them. First create a New Folder on your desktop, then before starting the program browse to that folder as the Destination from within the program. Don't be surprised when the program finds possibly thousands of images, it may 'pick-up' all the little Icon images within your computer too, these can easily be deleted from the New Folder without any harm being done. I have used this program many times, mostly when helping friends find their lost pics on their PCs and Camera Cards.

  woodchip 15:21 23 Jun 2011

Second post in this thread Technotiger, Click Hear for Campicrestore


After downloading the Program double click it for it to run point it to the drive you want to check, It should be a lot bigger drive that you save to in the Save to settings

  Nontek 15:56 23 Jun 2011


You did not look at my link above :-)

  B.J. 21:39 23 Jun 2011

Thanks yet again folks....it's good to have you all standing by waiting for my next cock up.....Campicrestore has done the trick. I've recovered most of 'em and when I've got more time I'll get the rest. Thanks again. B.J.

  Nontek 22:01 23 Jun 2011

That's good, thanks for your feedback.

  woodchip 23:20 23 Jun 2011

Did not see the link mixed in with the text. The Program is what I introduced to this forum

  David4637 10:00 25 Jun 2011

Is there a web page that lists what Campicrestore will do? Thanks David

  Nontek 10:33 25 Jun 2011


No, but CampicRestor (beware Campicrestor, not the same thing) will recover deleted images from any Camera Card and any Hard drive, even when said Card/Drive has been reformatted!

Be aware that when recovering images from a Hard drive, CampicRestor will also find most, if not all, of any images usually on a hard drive, such as all the little icons in all the programs on the drive - meaning that you could end up with literally thousands of recovered images. It is though, easy, if perhaps a bit tedious, to delete all of these unwanted images without actually losing them from their respective programs.

It is best to create a New Folder on your desktop and then browse to that folder from within CampicRestor, it is then an easy matter to find your lost pics and to delete any not required. If you do not create a separate folder as above, then Campic Restor saves all the recovered pics into its own folder, named DIR, in your My Programs folder.

During the recovery process you may open the New Folder and see the pics being recovered. You can also Cancel the recovery process at any time - all images recovered up to that point will still be in the New Folder or in DIR as above.

I hope this covers your question!! It really is a great little program, especially as it is completely FREE! I discovered CampicRestor on a Photography Magazine Cover-disc many many years ago, and have used it successfully on many occasions.

  rdave13 10:43 25 Jun 2011

B.J. If you're using the finger pad on your laptop check to see if you can change the sensitivity of it so that you need to tap it to select. Same if you're using a mouse. I don't have a Dell but you should be able to find the settings if you have the pad's icon in the notification area. That will help it not selecting when you don't want to.

  David4637 14:39 25 Jun 2011

Thanks Nontek for your info, I have tried and like Recuva, which does a very similar action to Campicrestor, so I will stick with that for now. Thanks again David

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