I've lost my Internet connection

  Saltyseadog 18:47 20 Jun 2005

I've lost my Internet and e-mail connection. My lan connection is showing as ok but I'm unable to open up an Internet or e-mail connection. It stopped working recently whilst I was away. The computer is connected via a router through a webstar cable modem. I have a laptop which connects ok via the router and an ethernet cable and my son is connected wirelessly on his desktop and also to his x-box. I've tried the repair option without any success. There have been no software or hardware changes done recently also unfortunately the restore option on the computer does not work either.

  alltime 18:59 20 Jun 2005

Could be one of several things but try this first. Remove the cable from the router (rj45) for about 3 minutes. Then reconnect it.
Good luck.

  De Marcus 19:02 20 Jun 2005

I have the webstar dpx100 and it crashes on a regular basis (once a month, sometimes twice) the quickest resolution for me is to unplug the power adaptor from the back, wait 30 seconds and plug it back in.

  CLONNEN 19:36 20 Jun 2005

Turn off ALL computers connected to the router then TURN OFF the router by yanking out the plug. Wait for five minutes then plug it back in.

Wait five minutes for the router to finish rebooting itself. When all lights on your Router are Green (or whatever colour they are supposed to be) turn on your computer and see if you now have a working internet connection.

  Saltyseadog 20:28 20 Jun 2005

Still no joy, as suggested I turned off all computers and unplugged the cable modem for several minutes then waited for the router and modem to go through their startup routine.

  Saltyseadog 21:06 20 Jun 2005


  VoG II 21:11 20 Jun 2005
  Saltyseadog 21:24 20 Jun 2005

Thanks for the tip VoG™ unfortunately it didn't resolve the problem.

  [email protected] 21:42 20 Jun 2005

I am with them and and it went down today although it is working now. Everyone else local who is with them loss thier connection too.

Check with your ISP that there are no problems in your area.

See if you can view your router's webpage by typing it's IP address into the address bar of Explorer which will help narrow the problem down. If you don't know the IP address of it, type 'ipconfig /all' into command prompt. It is normally the default gateway IP address beginning with 192.168.x.x.

Hope that helps


  woodchip 21:51 20 Jun 2005

May just be a fauly cable

  Saltyseadog 22:20 20 Jun 2005

Tried changing cables but still no go.

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