I've lost all my bookmarks and history? How can i restore, Chrome issue (restoring person 1- deleted

  Krskrs 22:23 17 Jan 2015

Well, I basically have been a very active user of chrome for quite a few years now. I've been storing bookmarks for the past year. A few days ago, a random faceless head appeared on the chrome icon. I thought it was something to do with someone looking at what I do. However, I discovered a new sub topic on the settings called people which instigated the icon. It had been appearing and disappearing for the past few days. So, I saw it again and got a bit angry and removed the "person 1" and chrome became a bit wierd and i managed to reopen it. I then opened it and found out all my history and saved data and my bookmarks had gone. So much essential data is on my bookmarks. Like I need them. How can I get them back? Can I do a system restore to 3 hours ago?

  Batch 10:10 18 Jan 2015

I've seen that icon appear as well and, so far, have steered well clear.

Not sure about using system restore as only certain file (paths / types) are in the scope of system restore.

Chrome's bookmarks are stored in a file called Bookmarks typically located at:

C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default.

If I were you I would search your entire drive for any and all files called Bookmarks. The main bookmarks file does not have an extension, but Chrome also makes a backup called Bookmarks.bak

Before doing anything else, I would then make a copy (e.g. to a USB drive) of all such Bookmarks files.

Once you've got a copy of the files, open each one up using Notepad and look at the contents (they are only text files so will open readily with Notepad).

There's a lot of "surrounding" information in the Bookmarks file, but at that stage you should, at least, be able to see if any of the files have your bookmarks embedded in them. If you find the right one, make sure you keep a secure copy of it.

That's step 1. If that yields results, I'll get back on step 2.

  Batch 10:34 18 Jan 2015

Have to say, looking further in to this (click here and look at the Computer section under Remove a Person) you may need to be prepared for the worst. Maybe trying System Restore is your only hope....

  Batch 10:43 18 Jan 2015

There's also some stuff here that may help (although some of it seems to relate to Macs).

  Batch 16:21 21 Jan 2015

To disable the Chrome People Icon in the Title Bar:

enter chrome://flags in the address bar

read the WARNING at the top of the page and take note!!!!

if you still want to proceed....

scroll down to "Enable the new avatar menu" (about half way down the long list) and change the setting to Disabled (normally it is set to Default), click on the relaunch button at the bottom of the screen.

There are some other avatar settings in the immediate vicinity of "Enable the new avatar menu". I do not suggest touching these.

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