I've Lost 23 Gig

  peter4076 10:25 02 Mar 2005

Purchase Maxtor 160 gig HDD to use as a desktop, also purchased a USB2Tech Caddy, Fdisked & formatted, fitted to the computer via USB2, it is showing 137 gig and is working perfectly, can somebody tell me where my 23 gig as gone.
Your knowledge on this would be most appreciated.

  Jeffers22 11:10 02 Mar 2005

If you are not running at least SP1 on XP the max the OS can see is 137 Gb. Installing SP1 or SP2 will solve the problem.

  peter4076 11:15 02 Mar 2005

Thanks Jeffers22 for replying, forgot to add, that I am running WinXP SP2 plus all microsoft updates.

  peter4076 11:21 02 Mar 2005

This HDD will make it 4 on my desktop, also on this Maxtor 160 gig for the jumper I have chosen "cable select" as this any bearing on the problem.

  Peter 14:32 02 Mar 2005


A 160 Gig drive should format as about 149 Gig. I think the 137 Gig limit, mentioned by Jeffers22, is the best indicator of your problem, but as I am not familiar with XP i can't help you.


  buscrew 14:40 02 Mar 2005

You could try partioning the drive, to see if the two partitions roughly add up to 149 gig, this would let you know if it is the 137 gig limitation.

  peter4076 15:28 02 Mar 2005

Done a search on google, seems to be a problem with lots of people all the world over, in that I think HDD have become massive & the LBA on older mobo's (like mine ECS K7S5A 1.0 )perhaps don't support anything above 127gig!!! or is it something to do with IDE support on mobo or is it software ( SP1) should be installed, but I have (SP2) and every update available, hope it's not a registry problem.
buscrew........I've checked that out as well, and apparently it doesn't fool it either.

  FelixTCat 15:37 02 Mar 2005

You probably need to update the BIOS on your motherboard. Disks this size were not usual when the motherboard was new.

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