ive killed my computer

  Guy Fawkes 21:57 22 Aug 2006

my son has unpluged and moved his computer
now it boots up to the xp screen and gets no further untill a message comes up no signal
screen also displays that there are no drives
and that the tempreture of the fans is not
displaying at the intial start up screens....
no signal is displayed at the first and last point of trying to start up......help

  VoG II 22:00 22 Aug 2006

Do you mean literally pulled out the power cord whilst it was running?

  SANTOS7 22:00 22 Aug 2006

First thing to try is make sure all the cables are fitted properly and secure if he has only unplugged and moved his PC it is likely to be that simple..

  phono 22:05 22 Aug 2006

Is the monitor itself displaying "no signal" or is it windows? I suspect the former.

If it is the monitor that is making the "no signal" display then I would suspect a graphics card driver problem, have you tried starting in safe mode?

As the computer starts to boot keep tapping the F8 key, choose safe mode and see if the computer boots up okay, posy back with the result.

  phono 22:06 22 Aug 2006

"posy back with the result" should of course read "post back with the result".

  Guy Fawkes 22:09 22 Aug 2006

the unit was switched off when unplugged
and yes all basic connections are in
securely ..... the only items that have been
reconected are the tower ,moniter,keyboard
and mouse....... only strange thing was couldnt
get orignal keyboard to work,so had to plug in
another......still didnt help.......no drives
seem to be recognised and the screen keeps
saying there is no signal....... signal to what?
please help ......

  VoG II 22:11 22 Aug 2006

No signal to the monitor. Open up the case and remove then reseat the graphics card - that is the one that the monitor is plugged into.

  SANTOS7 22:15 22 Aug 2006

the 'No signal' message indicates that the monitor is working but the computer is not.
might have to look inside PC and see if VGA card has been dislodged ..

  ed-0 22:17 22 Aug 2006

" now it boots up to the xp screen and gets no further "

Is it still booting to the XP screen?

If it is, then the drives are been seen and some sort of graphics is working.

  phono 22:18 22 Aug 2006

Is the monitor connected properly, are the thumbscrews properly tightened? Is it plugged into the correct socket?

If, for instance, the mobo has onboard graphics but an external video card is also installed you will have two blue coloured video sockets at the rear of the PC, if the onboard one is disabled it may well not display and hence "no signal" if the monitor is connected to it.

Do you get any video display at at any time, especially when booting up?

  phono 22:24 22 Aug 2006

I think we're on the same wavelength here, I just want to make sure there is some sort of video display at some stage.

If there is an initial display and then the "no signal" message then to me that would suggest a graphics driver problem, what do you think?

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