Ive just attached a new USB external HD , how do i

  woofwoofbark 10:00 27 Feb 2007

... format and partition it ?

It is a 160gb external HD and is currantly FAT32 , I'd like to format it to NTFS.

I have 2 internal HD's , and 80gb and a 40gb which reads as :-

C:Master 20gb Disk Management reads it as 19.53gb
D:Slave 1 40gb Disk Management reads it as 38.28gb
E:sLAVE 2 60GB Disk Management reads it as 56.79gb

The new USB external drive reads as :-

I: 160gb FAT32 Disk Management reads it as 149.03gb ( what has happened to the other 11gb ?? will this show up when formatted to NTFS ??)

Any idea's on how I should partition it , I was thinking of slitting it down the middle and having 2 80 (or so)gb drives ?

So .. any help on formatting and partitionong the drive is most welcomed.



  woofwoofbark 10:01 27 Feb 2007

my comp specs are

AMD Athlon 1400+
512mb memory
asus a7a266 motherboard
Win XP

  Graham. 10:24 27 Feb 2007

Open Command Prompt. Type 'convert (drive_letter): /fs:ntfs', Enter.

So it's 'convert I: /fs:ntfs'

  rawprawn 10:26 27 Feb 2007
  Graham. 10:27 27 Feb 2007

To Format, right click My Computer, Manage, Disc Management. Right click on the drive and select Format.

  Graham. 10:31 27 Feb 2007

Also see click here

  woofwoofbark 23:25 28 Feb 2007

Im not an expert with comps , just thought I'd say...

I tried the suggestions above but couldnt format the disks , an error message said the disk was in use , so it wouldnt let me format , I changed the letter of the drive to F: and threw in my XP disk and went to the recovery console and it asked me which windows I wanted to modify , my windows is on C: , so I typed 1 and enterned my password and the command C: showed up , I then entered F: and hit the enter button , i was now at F: in which i typed in FORMAT F: and it did , phew I thought but for some reason it formatted E: aaaaaargh I had so much stuff on there , loads of files were backed up but I lost so much also , I made sure I typed F: and it was formatted that drive , I was sat at the comp for a while and say that letter gettin formatted ... after I noticed that all files on E: was gone I checked to make sure the new drive was named F: and it was , why then did E: get formatted ??????
Anyway ... I deleted the partition F: and reinstalled the drivers through control panel>performance and maintanence>administitive tools>computer management it then let me format and allowed me to allocated the size of the drive I wanted , I then entered 50% of the size of the drive and gave it the letter F: the other unpartitioned space on the drive I formatted and gave the letter G: so everything is going good on the formatting side of things...


the drive is so slow , I am currantly moving a folder which contains just under 5gb of files from my D: drive to the F: drive through a program that came with the usb drive , but its taking an age , its moving files at around 25MB per min and still has well over 3 hours to go , could this be because I havnt got a USB 2.0 port ? the drive is 2.0 but it said it will run with 1.0 and 1.1 usb port's. If I was to buy a USB 2.0 pci card to replace the one ive got just now would that then speed things up ??? The booklet says it can reach upto 480MB but at 25mb just now its at crawling speed , I hope a new usb 2.0 will make a difference.

Anyway thanks for help so far and sorry for the long winded reply , any more advice is welcomed.


  Trackrat 23:43 28 Feb 2007

Yes a PCI USB 2 card will speed up the transfer, as 2 is 10 times faster on transfer than 1.1.

  fly2hi 00:33 01 Mar 2007

If it's a Maxtor then apparently it will speed up after you've turned off/on about 10 times. As to how much..?

  woofwoofbark 00:56 01 Mar 2007

Im looking online for a 2.0 pci card so hopefully i'll get one before too long. Is it as simple as just buying the card and replacing the pci card that is already connecting the motherboard ?

fly2hi are you asking how much the usb HD cost ? its really late here lol


  fly2hi 02:10 03 Mar 2007

No BT,
Already have one. Just remember a post somewhere identifying the speed issue and how it seems to adjust after several reboots. What i meant was, i don't know how much of a speed increase it achieves.
It was specific to the Maxtor so can't say if it applies to any other makes as well. But given that a lot of different 'brands' are actually manufactured by the same people, who knows?

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