I've had this Itunes problem for 3 years..urrrgh!!

  julius44 21:34 14 Jul 2010

Hello there, and good evening to everyone. I'm here today to hopefully find a SOLUTION to the problem ive had for about 3 years now!!!, and i'm hoping that a solution will be found for me her.

Okay, here we go...ive had the fabulous itnes on my desktop for over 3 years now, and ive updated it to the latest version. My itunes library has 5 COLUMNS, from left to right, they are 1. Name, 2. Time, 3. Artist, 4. Album by year, 5. Date Added.
For column 5(date added)..the arrow faces down..descending order...so the most recent album shows first...and the oldest album is last down the column

Everything is fine...EXCEPT, when i add an album or mix cd, that is in numerical track order for instance tracks 1-10, 1-19, etc. The tracks will refuse to show in the CORRECT numerical order under the "Name Column". instead of 1-10, 1-19 in Ascending Order.....they will show as 10-1, 19-1 etc....and for me to rectify it...i have to do a playlist, and swap them all round...and its then ok in the playlist but still the same in the actual library!!!!
I hope i'm making sense....if anyone wishes to see a screen dump, then just tell me how to do this, and then u can see my problem. Ive had this problem since i started using itunes....and i believe there MUST be a solution somewhere pls, lol!!!!!

  MAT ALAN 21:47 14 Jul 2010

Go to View Options and insure that you have "Track #" selected.

Then go back to your library and scroll to the right side of the screen. You will see track #'s listed.

Right click on the song and select " Get info". Then select info and type in what order you want the song to be in the track #. ( ie... 1 of 10, 2 of 10, 3 of 10)

  MAT ALAN 21:48 14 Jul 2010

click here
this might help as well...

  julius44 22:26 14 Jul 2010

Thanks Mat Alan, but the problem still persists, i dont really want to use the track number column anyway, all i want to do is get the track number to show correctly under the name column, 80% of my trackis in my itunes library do not have numbers as they are just single tracks, but for any albums that is where the problem persists....and even if i use the track number columns...i'd still have to type in each track number for each song.

Is there a way to take a screen picture...and then post it on the forum, so u can see a copy of my itunes library so u can see it for yourself???

Or any other suggestions pls??

  MAT ALAN 22:34 14 Jul 2010

Maybe what you don't want to do is the answer to your problem...

  Kevscar1 07:19 15 Jul 2010

No idea about Itunes so don't know if you can do this but in a spreadsheet you would highight everything then click on sort data find that column then change it from descending to ascending.
Have a search see if you have a similar function.

  gengiscant 12:00 15 Jul 2010

use this to take a screen shot click here and this to post it click here.
Apple might make great gadgets but in my opinion itunes leaves a lot to be desired.

  julius44 19:42 15 Jul 2010

Hello gengiscant, ive downloaded screen hunter, thanks loadz, but i'm confused as to HOW to use it to take a pic of my itunes library with the problem, as it seems very confusing for me to understand,...sorry.

  gengiscant 09:28 16 Jul 2010

No problems, open screen hunter, you will see on the left hand side, from and to. click on to and make a note of where the screen shots will be stored or you can change the folder if you feel comfortable doing so.Click on from and make sure full screen has got a blue dot in it.It's simpler to capture the full screen until you get used to the software. Almost at the top you will see what hot key to press (F6) to capture screen and above that you will see: capture now and stand by, click on stand by.
Now open your itunes to the problem press the F6 button, you should hear a camera type noise and hopefully job done. Go to where the screen shot is stored,double click and check it is showing what you want.
Then upload using this and copy the complete line under the heading 'forums'. Then paste here.

  john bunyan 10:50 16 Jul 2010

In iTunes music, click "View", "View options". I use the default setting but there are all kinds of options there you could try. We have two libraries for different generations of users and I am not exactly sure what you want to do.

  john bunyan 13:47 16 Jul 2010

Had a quick look . There is an option for track number.I suspect if you click on the column title of track number it would sort on that.

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