I've had enough e-mails thank you

  VoG II 00:19 14 Jan 2004

Via the yellow envelope. Quite frankly, I'm sick and tired of this. This facility is meant for private communications between forum members.

  Kitz E Kat 00:27 14 Jan 2004

I am sure most people do it , not thinkin, maybe it should be a bit clearer , as to what it's function is....
That or they think you are the main man!!!!!

Cheers Vog....

I think before the person is allowed to send the email there should be a message saying that the email is only there if you are invited.

Or perhaps give members the chance to hide the email address so people cant send emails to you if you dont want it!

  hugh-265156 01:19 14 Jan 2004

your just to helpful for your own good :-)

seriously though i understand it can be a pain to recieve emails after trying to help others and then having to post the email reply you recieve here in the forum for others to to see what has been tried and try to help.

keep posting here in the forum folks,everybody can see it then and offer input which will speed the time it takes to get a solution for you.also then we who are not so knowledgeable(me) have that thread for future reference if we need it.

if you wish to totally wreck your computer then do feel free to email me lol!

  Cesar 09:39 14 Jan 2004

Courtesy is the name of the game, I always ask in a thread is it permissable to e-mail a forumite.

  spikeychris 09:57 14 Jan 2004

I'm getting 'em when the person hasn't even posted to the forum, not a follow up, a direct question that has not seen the inside of the helproom.

Cease and desist.

  plsndrs3 10:03 14 Jan 2004

I agree and, as you are personally aware, use the email facility as per your comments.

I also agree that the fact that you are a nice, helpful guy will exasperate the problem - maybe you should be more cantankerous like me :o))))

The email facility can be useful for private direct contact between forum members, particularly as the only other way for us to contact each other would be to post our email address on the site - a definite no-no. I have made many friends on this forum and from time to time wish to send a personal email which is not something that I believe that this forum is for, or find out an update to a problem where no solution has been posted. That is the only times I use this facility and would not wish to lose it because some people cannot follow or understand forum etiquette.

Have you considered setting up an email address purely for emails from the forum - or could this cause as many issues to you in the long run?



  Big Elf 10:08 14 Jan 2004

I think for many it's their first visit to the forum and perhaps they're wary of sounding foolish or are unsure of how to describe the problem. The forum logo says 'Expert advice you can trust'. I think (and I mentioned this in another thread recently) that some think, when we reply to a thread, that we're experts rather than (in my case certainly) an enthusiastic amateur.

  Chegs ® 10:09 14 Jan 2004

I used to get a few,after I replied with a terse/rude/beligerant comment,I got no more.There will possibly be a few members here would "flame" me for this,but PCA pages are for HELP and HELPING,not emails.

  Djohn 10:56 14 Jan 2004

OK guys, I'll stop sending them! :o(

Regarding the setting up of a separate folder for mail received from the "Yellow envelope" I think that Powerless has done this with success. He was testing it in the consumerwatch forum some weeks back. j.

  leo49 11:42 14 Jan 2004

As I said on Big Elf's related thread last week,this problem has escalated recently and thinking about it at the weekend it seemed to me the only way I could do something about it was to reduce involvement.

Hence my belated New Year's resolution to only answer threads which slip down the board unanswered or those on a subject in which I have a particular interest - the bonus upside being that I can catch up with my other much neglected hobby.

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